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The Top Runner is health & fitness blog focus on workout schedule and exercise tools that helps to having good health for a happy and enjoyable life. Actuality healthy means that our body works normally and balanced harmony with the body mind that nothing out of more, the speed of life we lead, and we forget that health is a treasure. We value only if we get sick.

Healthy habits are mostly those that determine be in good health. And when I mean habits, I mean precisely what you do every day: sleep, eat, stay hydrated, exercise, swim, sun protection. The successful development of these habits will surely help you have a longer and healthier life.

Happiness does not come from outside, does not come alone, but it is possible build on your own and you will succeed only if you start worrying about you and stop doing for the rest. Exercise helps us to have a good digestion, and to improve our physical ability, to obtain endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination, balancing our emotional state. Exercise improve cardiovascular function, regulate blood sugar and strengthen bones are just some of the benefits offered to the body an active life.

The human body is very complex, each member has a defined role, so it is important to exercise regularly because not only will you feel good on the outside, but also has a number of important benefits for your health. Perform regular and systematic physical activity has proven to be a very beneficial practice in development, prevention and rehabilitation of health, while helping the discipline and decision making in everyday life. Exercise, either short or long term, helps establish a mental well-being, improving the autonomy of the individual, memory, speed of ideas, etc., and promoting feelings as optimism or euphoria while it improves the self-esteem of people, resulting benefits in diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension or diabetes crisis.

No matter the sport you want to practice, you may want to take a chance with a run or a hike, sign up to the gym for the first time or enjoy workout schedule sports. The case is to keep the body active and improve fitness gradually while you enjoy the benefits you. Here are some examples of good practice sport makes you usually:

  • One of the benefits and common goals to start practicing sport is weight reduction to achieve that ideal weight. To burn more calories does not need to go to a gym, you can make up the stairs, walk down the street and avoiding the car when you stay for a drink with friends. Any change is good for your body.
  • Any physical activity from dancing to swimming, walking, running or cycling make your body demands more oxygen; that positively affects your body to lower blood pressure, improve circulation, lower cholesterol, the risk of heart attacks and the ability of developing colon or breast cancer. Regular workout schedule sports reduces the risk of heart attacks and prevents colon and breast cancer.
  • With sports also have the ability to improve your flexibility, which can affect an increase in muscle strength of your tendons and ligaments.
  • Maintain a workout schedule it helps to have a good level of blood sugar and therefore reduces the risk of diabetes. To say your body fat reducing improving glucose tolerance and insulin resistance.
  • Exercise regularly maintains healthy bones. The impact on the bones becomes important at any stage of a person: children to increase bone density, youth and adults to strengthen them to delay degeneration. It also prevents osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and pain in the lower back area.
  • A continued physical activity helps you sleep better. Sleep quality will be different, you will have a deeper sleep which is an improvement in concentration and a significant increase in productivity and even mood.
  • In addition exercise you can also benefit your sex life. It does so by decreasing erectile dysfunction problems that usually occur when men already have a few

Types of exercise you can practice regardless of your fitness

The lack of physical fitness can be an impediment to practice sports we like or just an excuse to not move. However, beyond the purpose of workout schedule at gym, there are a number of physical activities that can be implemented regardless of our physical level.

According to American doctors are activities that help keep weight under control, improve balance and range of motion, strengthen bones, protect joints, prevent urinary control problems and even ward off memory loss.


An aerobic exercise that involves running or jogging slowly, without haste, with which we can improve our cardiovascular health and physically. Jogging is an excellent exercise to strengthen the cardiovascular, pulmonary and immune system. It is excellent to mold the silhouette as tones the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, calves and thighs. As is done outdoors, that contact with nature can eliminate stress, improve your mood and assure us a pleasant feeling of well-being. It is ideal for weight loss by the amount of fat burning. The main benefits of jogging are to increase muscle mass, reduce osteoporosis and improve respiratory function. It also provides social and emotional benefits, improves stress management and even reduces the risk of high blood pressure, which helps cardiovascular health.


The arrival of good weather and the bike can be great allies, as it is one of the exercises to lose weight more we can wish for in these summer dates, our beloved bike can help us get in shape, while enjoying the summer and many hours riding with friends or alone, it is also a very pleasant way to explore and discover the places of our holiday destination. There is no better workout schedule exercise outdoors running or cycling. But between these two options, what is the best? Sure there are opinions for all tastes. As an example, running pressure more joints, but also burns more calories. In any case, check out the pros and cons and choose the option that's most appealing.


  • Develops resistance in the chair. Cycling is a low impact sport but benefits to your health if you can go longer. It is a sustained energy training.
  • The bike power is generated in the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. So increase your muscle mass. Make weights trunk to avoid an imbalance with the upper body.
  • You lose calories in 30 minutes of cycling: a 330 (depending on your weight). After all, you're sitting. If you're not supporting your own weight, just do not work so hard.


  • Running improves energy not so fast for a reason: it hurts. In fact, it makes your muscles are damaged. It's no wonder that cyclists can withstand longer.
  • Do not generate mass running, even in the mountains. In fact, you have to be crazy to try to gain mass by running. Running requires the effort of the whole body. Have you seen Schwarzenegger ever? That's it.
  • Only 30 minutes on the belt will burn about 460 calories (for a weight of 80 kilos). Note that burn more if you run over rough terrain, such as sand from the beach.


The buoyancy of water supports the body and removes tensions aching joints to move with them more fluidly. "Swimming is good for people with arthritis because it is a decrease in physical burdens" explains Dr. I-Min Lee, a professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Research has found that swimming can also improve your mental state and put you in a better mood. Aerobic exercise in water is another option. These classes help burn calories and tone the body.

Strength Exercise

Lifting lighter weights does not encourage the development of large muscles but can keep them strong. As Dr. Lee says, "If you do not use your muscles lose their strength over time". Muscles also help burn calories. "The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, so it is easier to maintain your weight," says Lee.

Similar to other exercises, strength training could also help preserve brain function years later. Before starting a strength training program, be sure to learn the proper way to carry it out.

It is best to start smoothly by workout schedule, with only half a kilo or a kilo, and should be able to lift weights easily ten times. After a couple of weeks, it is recommended to increase the weight in half kilo or kilo. If you can easily lift weights in a full range of motion more than 12 times, you can increase the load slightly.


It can help get lean, improve cholesterol levels, strengthen bones, maintaining adequate blood pressure, improve mood and reduce the risk of many diseases (diabetes and heart disease, for example).

A variety of studies have shown that walking and other physical exercise can even improve memory and resist the memory loss associated with aging. All you need is a good pair of shoes that fit well and provide the necessary support. "Start walking 10 to 15 minutes. Over time you can start to walk longer and faster, until you walk 30 to 60 minutes most days of the week, "Harvard physicians recommend. Read more best running shoe.

Kegel Exercise

A strong pelvic floor muscles can have a big impact in preventing incontinence. Although many women know Kegel, these exercises can also benefit men.

To perform a Kegel correctly contract muscles must be used to prevent any gas escaping, hold the contraction for two or three seconds and then release. It is important to ensure that the pelvic floor muscles are completely relaxed after release. It must be repeated 10 times each exercise and practice four to five times throughout the day.

Studies reveal the dangers of over workout

Some uphold that nothing in excess is good, especially the recent study published in the Australian sports journal 'Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics' that reveals that practicing too much sport can cause leaky gut syndrome. A syndrome is that the intestinal walls become inflamed and weaken allowing the passage of toxins, microbes and undigested food particles into the bloodstream.

The leaky gut syndrome is linked to diseases such as chronic fatigue and multiple sclerosis. It has no immediate cure, but a gluten-free diet and not crushing you in the gym can be helpful.

Experts warn those who exercise more than two hours a day on a regular basis, arguing that the effects may be more negative than positive.

However, excessive exercise not only damages the bowel. There are several risks associated with the abusive practice of workout.

Reason to use Exercise Equipment in Home

It is very important to workout schedule in order to have the energy needed to live a healthy and active life, for this reason that it is very common to find people doing cardio exercise such as running and cycling to keep fit, But this is not enough as hard exercise is crucial for building muscle, increase your metabolism and keep it toned. However, getting access to these machines and equipment can be expensive due to the monthly membership, enrollment or annual fees you pay to attend a gym. Many of  best health and fitness apps assist you keep track & maintain schedule.

This is the reason to buy exercise machines at home that can be the solution for those who are health conscious as they acquire some fitness machines for home help us to carry out a full-body workout from the comfort of our home. Check out Best Treadmills here. A treadmill is an exercise tools that helps for walking or running by staying at one place under a roof in any bad weather.

Many home gym machines to provide us exercises for upper body using tools such as the horizontal and vertical bars. Several of the best home gyms include leg press, squats and other parts receive training to ensure the full bottom. Most home gyms can perform 20 to 100 years and all without expensive fees.

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