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Love! & Respect your concern.

Don’t think that I am healthy one. Just personally tell you, I am lazy person who rarely enjoy the sunrise. “Early to bed & early to rise…..” is not works on me…..anyway I love to believe health is wealth. I realize the situation when I get sick and all around others people enjoy the life by playing, walking or else. That’s pretty terrible. So fitness with sound health keep you in peace & make you happy all day long. Routine workout schedule will turn into a part of life. Whether you do it indoor or in outdoor. Both have factors depends what you love. Home exercise can be divided in two categories, one is paid membership to Gym, another is buying exercise machine in home. Last one is great if you have plan for long time regular exercise where your family member will benefited from here too. Only one time investment require that gives you huge return after a long time.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity .          – John F. Kennedy

In “Home Fitness” not only want to highlight the benefits it brings to your body and mind exercise regularly but we want to encourage you and help you with the challenge to get fit and lead a healthy life. If you are a person who enrolls the gym just to soon stop attending either for lack time, desire or economic resources, then thetoprunners.com is for you, then you will get the best tips for you to exercising so effective, achieving the results you propose and all without having to leave home.

While the site regularly we will be analyzing and advising you mainly on the best and most popular exercise machines for home, we will also be giving you tips on nutrition and exercise routines and fitness programs that you can do right from the comfort of your own room and without necessarily having some type of computer.

Have you considered doing sports at home?

One option you have is to purchase exercise machines. To exercise properly without going outside you must acquire the appropriate fitness equipment for home. If you do not inform well, you not are wasting money and will fulfill the objectives.

It may sound easy, but even buy a treadmill can be hard work if you do not know what requirements must take into account when making your choice. You must also learn to differentiate between fitness machines and weight machines for home. Depending on your needs you should make use of some appliances or other.

And of course, it is very useful to know which places to start looking. In our post The Top Runners, we will let you know about the basic for the sport at home, you can find available online stores.

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.

 -Gene Tunney

Exercise, either short or long term, helps establish a mental well-being, improving the autonomy of the individual, memory, speed of ideas, etc., and promoting feelings as optimism or euphoria while it improves the self-esteem of people, resulting benefits in diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension or diabetes crisis. All efforts to improve the physical form (e.g. after a long period of inactivity), must be done progressively. Each runner must analyze the demands of their sport of choice before deciding your workout schedule.


Physical Benefits

  • It improves the shape and physical endurance.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Increases or maintains bone density.
  • Improves insulin resistance.
  • It helps maintain body weight.
  • Increases muscle tone and strength.
  • Improves flexibility and joint mobility.
  • It reduces the feeling of fatigue.
  • Psychological benefits
  • It increases self-esteem.
  • Improves self-image.
  • Reduces social isolation.
  • Lowers the tension and stress.
  • Reduces the level of depression.
  • It helps to relax.
  • Increases alertness.
  • Decreases the number of accidents.
  • Lesser degree of aggressiveness, anger, anxiety …
  • Increase general wellness.

Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning. –Thomas Jefferson

Do you accept the challenge to get fit?

We must understand that diets and miracle products do not exist and the results that many exercise programs, rarely come without any effort on our part; the trick in this case is always perseverance. And we’re not talking about a dedication of countless hours or effort-human, studies show that just 25 minutes a day of exercise at a moderate pace of 3 to 5 times a week, will be sufficient to achieve a significant and beneficial change in our body. The second key factor is a healthy food, and this did not necessarily mean to take an extreme diet, but only the fact evenly and eat in moderation.

Ultimately, whether your goal is to get fit or simply discover new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we want to help you achieve it. Feel free to contact us at any time for any comments or questions that you wanted to express. Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter where you will receive useful tips and fitness tips, and the latest and most relevant updates thetoprunners.com

We hope that this site will be useful to you.


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