How Can Cycling benefits to your health

Cycling, assumed as sport and exercise (without mentioning professional cycling). It is an aerobic exercise when practiced in a moderate way we start to consumption types of deposits: our fat deposits. The use of this body fat as muscle fuel. So the muscular fatigue occurs much later in the practice of cycling than in other sports and this mobilization of our fat deposits causes a Series of changes in our lipid profile very beneficial to our health.

The human body allows regular physical training. On the one hand, to prevent or delay the onset of certain diseases improve the ability to perform a physical effort. In addition, there is a relationship between physical activity and life expectancy. Regular physical exercise improves our quality of life and allows us from the psychological point of view to face it with greater optimism and better disposition, while socially it is a means of integration in different human groups.

Those who start in this sport exercise, must take into account that it must be increased progressively by both intensity and difficulty. If you are over 40 years old, you must undergo a previous medical examination to rule out possible heart disease, arrhythmia or the like.

It is advisable, before practicing it, to maintain a good flexibility and an adequate muscular tone as it has a protective effect against injuries and at the same time improves the performance and allows to increase the range of possibilities that offers us this healthy activity.

As for the contraindications, non-professional cycling is a sport that hardly has them, except in those people with heart and respiratory diseases in which their doctor has advised against them. However it is especially indicated in those who suffer joint diseases, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis, and who want to avoid exercise with load, as long as the intensity and duration of the same is adapted to the individual conditions of each.

The Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

Hope you ride a bicycle for pleasure, for being in shape, for making friends, for having nice legs …? Well, join all of these for one more reason: our present study conclusions that demonstrate the benefits of cycling for health. If you have not yet tried cycling and pedaling seriously … hit the pedals! You will soon see the benefits of cycling in your health. Various studies show the benefits and benefits of bicycle exercise. It is clinically proven to be one of the most comprehensive and universal activities to prevent back pain, protect joints and improve the circulatory and immune system, as well as keep your mental health in order.

We invite you to know the benefits of cycling:

Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise that strengthens our heart. In addition the participation of muscles and joints is maximum in number and intensity during the exercise of pedaling. It has been proven that riding a bicycle brings excellent health benefits and is costing many studies when the performed intensity of exercise. Pedaling for at least half an hour, the quadriceps are trained to the maximum and the buttocks are toned and hardened. The greatest benefits of cycling are obtained also. Because at the same time we exercise the upper part (chest, back, shoulders) and also the lower part of the body (thighs, buttocks, calves) this gives us direct benefits on our health. The greatest benefits of cycling are found when we make continuous regular use of our bicycles, those who go to work daily on bicycles enjoy greater health benefits than those who only play sports on weekends.

Two wheels that give you life

Cycling regularly save on visits to the doctor, “Dr. Proböse, president of the Health Center at the German Sports University, tells this truth. Many people suffering from typical discomfort such as Back pain, are overweight or suffer cardiovascular diseases, could benefit many by riding a bike. Also enjoy good health for many years if they decided to use the bike more. And great news for those who think that they are “older”: although you do not start exercising regularly to an advanced age the results are always tangible. The benefits of cycling are many even if it starts in late. A person who usually rides a bicycle gets optimal results in his health. The duration and frequency of the trajectories must be adjusted according to the physical condition. Finally, the results that are desired to be achieved. Already have good effects on the musculature, the blood supply and the joints. After 30 minutes positive influences appear in the functions of the heart, and after 50 minutes the fatty metabolism is stimulated.

Direct to your heart and cardiovascular system

The benefits of cycling on a regular basis will reduce your risk of heart attack by as much as 50%. With the exercise of pedaling the maximum heart rate increases and decreases blood pressure, these are some benefits: the heart works economizing. You will reduce your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, so your glasses will be much less likely to be calcified, while increasing your HDL or “good” cholesterol. The blood vessels are kept flexible and healthy when your legs move every day. One more reason that increases the benefits of cycling.

For the maximum efficiency of the exercise when riding in bike we recommend that you do a work of intervals with frequent changes of pace. It is the type of training that faster makes you better and get the greatest benefits for your health. Over time we will modulate the intensity and frequency of the intervals according to our physical condition. Interval training is a viable and effective alternative to traditional 30 to 45 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise.

With a high pedaling pace, reaches your rhythm of filming and then interrelates, every 15 minutes, intensity increases of 3 to 4 minutes in which your breathing is considerably shaken (80 to 85% of your Maximum pulsations). You will increase your quality of life considerably.

Benefits for the back

Know the benefits of cycling when you adopt the optimal posture in the saddle when riding a bicycle, with your torso slightly tilted forward, your back muscles are under tension and you are forced to stabilize the trunk. Many back pains come from inactivity, which reduces the nutrition of the intervertebral discs and in this way they lose their ability to cushion the impacts. Lack of exercise also causes the muscles of the back to become atrophied, thereby severely diminishing its “dock” function. Regular movements of the legs strengthen the lower back and prevent the occurrence of herniated discs, keeping the column protected from vibrations and blows. Other benefits that when riding a bicycle are the stimulation of the muscles of the dorsal vertebrae, making them constantly compress and extend with pedaling.

Compensates with some abdominal exercises, such as shrugs with bent legs every time you peddle and you will have on the bicycle one of the ideal activities for those suffering from back pain. Getting all the benefits of cycling.

Benefits for your knees

Know the benefits of bicycling Unlike activities in which there is bumping, such as jumping or running on foot, with the bicycle the knees are protected, since from 70 to 80% of the weight of your body gravitas on the saddle . It is the best alternative to the race, with very similar physical benefits, because in the bicycle neither the joints nor the cartilages support high loads. When joints are mobilized with little pressure, the nutrients can reach them easily, and the beneficial substances diffuse into them easily. Avoid using very hard development if you want to keep your knees healthy. Try to keep your pedaling rate down from 70 rpm in no time. Count one lap each time the pedal on one side passes through the same place. You will get the maximum benefits of cycling.

Blocks infections and drives cancer away

Every time you ride your bike you are boosting the power of your immune system. The body’s “eaterbacteria” cells, phagocytes, are mobilized immediately by pedaling to kill bacteria and cancer cells. It reduces the risk of certain types of cancer, such as the colon. This is why cancer and AIDS patients are advised to ride a bike.

Dr. Froböse highlights the benefits of cycling for people suffering from a cancerous process. It is as if the cells that are in charge of the defense of the body, that were dormant, wake up by the pedaling of a prolonged lethargy.

Moderate efforts strengthen your immune system, while those of maximum intensity weaken it. If you are exposed to risk factors (cold, people already infected nearby, stress, little sleep …) do not do very intense jobs and wait to balance to be able to carry them out.

Say goodbye to worries

The brain is more oxygenated and allows you to think more easily. Your body secretes hormones that make you feel better and can even become addictive, a healthy addiction to the benefits of riding a bike in any case. It helps relieve tension and improves stress management.

It is proven that those who ride bikes regularly suffer less psychological illnesses and depressions. It helps to combat and improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and increases enthusiasm and optimism.

Bicycling and pedaling is one of the best natural antidepressants in existence.

Endorphins, also called happiness hormones, are generated with physical exercise, most notably when you stay for more than an hour on the bike, so you know: set the alarm to sound in an hour and do not stop pedaling until then, but if you want to feel good avoid getting beyond your limits because you will get the opposite effect.

According to Dr. Froböse, the benefits of cycling begin to appreciate with the first 20 minutes of pedaling. However, the ideal, according to this same doctor, is to find at least three holes per week to pedal for 45 to 60 minutes, or “bike as often as you can.” The more time you spend on the bike, the more advantages you’ll accrue.

The laziness is a risk factor for the development of many chronic diseases, therefore also some particular benefits, both physical and psychological for health such as:

  • It improves the regulation of blood glucose and decreases the risk of non-insulin dependent diabetes.
  • It improves the digestion and regularity of the intestinal rhythm.
  • Increases the use of body fat and improves weight control.
  • Helps maintain and improve muscular strength and endurance, increasing the functional capacity to perform other physical activities of daily living.
  • Helps to reconcile and improve sleep quality.
  • It improves the personal image and allows to share an activity with the family and friends.

Tips to get started with cycling

The time is getting closer to dusting the bike you have hung in the store and that has been wintering all this time. The holes that you have in your belt are exhausted and you have to prepare palmetto to show off this spring-summer. It’s time to get down to business.

Fleeing all specific and programmed training, but encouraging you not to make mistakes that can harm your start-up, we leave you some mistakes in which you should avoid falling:

Watch out for the companies: Tell me who you’re going with and I’ll tell you how you are. So say the saying, and we’re going to change for “tell me who you’re going with and I’ll tell you how you’ll end up.” Do not pretend to go with people who have not stopped going out and who have been coming out all winter. It is an overexertion that will make you do not assimilate the exits and you have no room for improvement.

The triple plate, is not decorative: The change is to be used. Some always use the same plate and back crown. You must play with plates and crowns, to always carry a high cadence. That does not mean that you are throwing boats on the saddle.

Select your paths: You must search for plains as flat as possible so that the pulsations do not rise too much.

Avoid binges: We do not mean big meals or dinners, but the number of kilometers or hours you do at first. You see scheduling your exits from less to more, starting with exits no longer than ninety minutes, if you have been all winter stopped. Then you will rest badly at night if you have exceeded.

Forget the average speeds: You do not need bad companies, if you rely on the odometer. It will make you thrill (even if you do not drop a tear), and you want to go faster to go faster. What you have to worry about is another mean: the pulsations.

Dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry: It’s the best thing you can do. If you want to progress on this bike, start with low pulsations and little by little. If you do not have a heart rate monitor, you should have a rhythm that allows you to conduct a conversation, without having to catch air at any time and continue the conversation. In the latter case, raise your foot slightly.

Ready, ready, Already !: If you have a short time, take advantage of it. This does not mean that you have to do the maximum number of kilometers in that time. An hour is an hour. One hour, it has no more value for having done 30 kilometers instead of 25. At least in the beginning.

Take care of your food habit: If in addition to enjoying your favorite sport, you want to lose weight, the secret is to combine a balanced diet and exercise. That does not mean you stop eating and exercising. Always carry with you, fruit or some bar if you suffer a downturn in the middle of the road. If you are of those who use to eat little or nothing (bad habit), do not leave with empty pockets.

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Listen to your body: Yes you read well. Our body speaks. When you are more tired than normal, as a result of your socio-work and family life, if you go out with the bike, it will be rolling smoother than you could have planned. If the fatigue is due to cycling or previous cycling, perhaps it would be more advisable to stay at home.

Stretches: At the end of the route, you must do a stretching session. Once showered and relaxed, you should stretch as you recover before and undo possible contractures (stiffness) that may have been produced.

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