The definitive guide to buying a cheap and best quality fidget spinner

If you do not live inside a cave, you probably already noticed the latest fashion trends that has put the world at the head: the best fidget spinner. This little gadget / toy was popularized and viralized in a matter of days and for a couple of weeks has monopolized the attention and traffic of the media, YouTube and stores. The fashion is now the ‘Fidget Spinner’, as in the day were the colored gummy, the spinning top, the tazos or the Rubik’s cube. It is a toy with blades that spin at high speed if you push a button but what is this toy? What does it work for? Why did he become so popular?

Before 2016, the term fidget spinner was practically unknown in Google, but from December of that year until the present of May of 2017, the searches of the gadget ascended in a meteoric way and it is just beginning to decay.

Fidget Spinner have been around for years to reduce stress. Originally, they were designed to help children with Autism or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

But it has been now begun to popularize when there are many kinds of shapes and colors, and prices ranging from less than one euro to more than 2,000 that cost some exclusive models.

On YouTube there are also numerous tutorials that explain the things that can be done with them. The fever is such that the demand of the ‘Spinner’ has soared 150% in recent weeks

But like any toy that is popularized, controversy has reached schools. Some see the Spinner as a product that helps improve the concentration of children, while others see it as an element of distraction in class. That is why some colleges in the United States and the United Kingdom want to ban them.

What is a fidget spinner?

best fidget spinner

The best fidget spinner is an anti-stress toy that fits in the palm of the hand, which must be rotated at high speed so that the three blades rotating on a central axis rotate the same. That’s right, the only thing that makes this gadget so popular today is to rotate continuously thanks to the moment obtained with the initial impulse. The interesting thing is that it has paralyzed the world because of how relaxing it is to see and feel it, according to some users. In addition, some teachers assert that the toy helps children with autism or attention deficit disorder.

Now let’s look at its history. Believe it or not, the fidget spinner is very old; was created in 1997 by Catherine Hettinger, an American lady who sought to manufacture an artifact that entertained her 7-year-old daughter. Hettinger registered and maintained the patent for 8 years until in 2005 he had to let it go because he could not continue paying. Although the best fidget spinner sells for millions today, the inventor does not receive even a fraction of the profits, though he claims to be quiet.

‘Many people ask me’ are not you really angry? ‘But the truth is I’m just happy that something I designed works for people, “the inventor said in an interview.

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In addition to its interesting design and relaxing activity, a best fidget spinner has now popular in all social networks. A quick search on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube sheds thousands of results with interesting designs and tricks to make with this curious gadget.

Opinions on spinner: Is it really beneficial to health?

Many of the opinions on spinner emphasize the uses of these devices as there are a lot of people wondering what a spinner is for. The truth is that apart from being an entertaining toy for children and with which teenagers spend hours playing and trying new tricks has many benefits.

There is controversy over how good the best fidget spinner is for the mental health of the user. On the one hand, some schools have begun to ban them because they are considered a nuisance and a distraction for students. On the other hand, a lot of people say it reduces stress and helps concentration.

Mark Rapport, a clinical psychologist at the University of Central Florida, said that ‘using a rotating gadget is more likely to serve as a distraction to help individuals with attention deficit’.

However, other researchers mentioned to Live Science that the toy has helped, at least, to revive the conversation about attention problems in young people. Many believe that in the digital age the continuous multi-stimulus has deteriorated the attention span of individuals and ensure that rotary gadgets are a way to retrieve it.

Case apart is the fidget cube, a hub with buttons and switches that also serves to reduce stress. Because this toy is based on the sense of touch and not from sight, the scientific community has said that, if anything, it is a little more useful than the best fidget spinner. “They can serve the same purpose as spinners, but they are better for the classroom and less distracting,” said Katherine Isbister, a professor of computer media at the University of California.

On the one hand the spinners serve to reduce stress and anxiety, which has made them recommended in smoking cessation treatments, for example. Even if you have some recurring hobbies like biting your nails, this toy can also be very useful. It has also been proven to improve focus and alleviate deep thinking.

So the best fidget spinner really is much more than a fashion, being devices that entertain but also have benefits for our mental health, whether we are children or adults.

How to find the association

The first thing that you have to visualize is everything that you want to associate with your spinner so that it fulfills therapeutic aims. You can associate your spinner with a dream trip on a beach or you can associate it with affirmations that help you control anxiety like “My anxiety does not control me” or “I can control my stress and calm myself with the buzz of my fidget.”

These statements have truly amazing therapeutic effects. You can also associate the fidget with the person you love, your favorite people or your family and the great moments you spend with them. In addition, you can regulate your breathing while using your device to try to relieve your anxiety.

Find a relaxing atmosphere

Try to find a place where you feel very comfortable, relaxed and you can find calm and take your fidget. In this special site, next to the visualizations of association, you can definitely immediately relieve any anxiety or stress that is bursting with your inner peace.

Start associating

Try to close your eyes, imagine what gives you pleasure, make your affirmations and begin to turn your ring and enter into the necessary meditation state. You also have to be attentive to your breathing and do exercises that calm you down and lead you to a state of well-being.

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Whatever you want to associate with your ring, imagine it and do it continuously until you achieve the state of relaxation you desire. Relax your muscles and body, and use any relaxation strategy you have learned and have been effective for you. Once you feel that you are completely relaxed, you can stop spinning the ring.

Use it when you are anxious

Every time you feel anxious, spin the ring. Its soothing effect gives you permission to use it at any time or place that causes you stress. You can use the ring at any time and not just when you need it to regulate extreme anxiety.

When you feel that you are about to have an anxiety attack, remember to turn the ring and make your visualizations and affirmations. Try not to stop turning the ring until you have calmed down. Be sure to turn to this therapeutic tool every time you are suffering from anxiety and stress.

Combines fidgets with anxiety treatments

Although fidgets are not a definitive cure for anxiety, they remain an effective and valuable tool. Combine your fidget with other anxiety reduction strategies that have helped you control your anxiety.

How to choose the best fidget spinner?

If you are sure that a best fidget spinner will relax you, you have a restless or attention deficit child or you simply have money to spend, you must take into account that there are many options in the market to acquire it. The basic rule is to acquire the product in reliable stores or retailers, as well as to check that the materials of manufacture are of good quality and that the packaging is original. Perhaps a proven model is a little more expensive, but you can be sure that it will be more reliable, durable and more secure than a ‘shoddy’ model. So, what are the factors that you have to take into account to choosing one of them?


You have already verified that the designs of the spinner fidgets are very varied. You can find from traditional designs with three propellers to others with animal shapes. The choice between one design and another will really depend on what you like and your level of mastery of this instrument. It will always be easier to learn with a conventional spinner fidget than with one that presents a novel design.

Duration of the spin

In the characteristics of the spinner fidgets manufacturers usually indicate the average duration of the spin. Obviously, the longer the duration, the better for you to enjoy more time with your device, although of course this time interval may also vary depending on your skills with the device.

Make it silent

If you are hesitating among several fidget spinner always choose the one that is quieter, so you can use it anywhere without anyone noticing.


Value for the quality / price is also something that we have to consider. Pay attention to each of the features of the device and think whether it is worth paying that price or if you can find the same attributes by paying less money.

Where to buy the best fidget spinners?

Our personal recommendation is to look for a best fidget spinner on Spinner List or Amazon.

Spinner List is perhaps the most complete fidget spinner site on the web, with more than 100 models of all colors and flavors that will satisfy any buyer. You can find everything from skull-shaped spinners to the shape of the Captain America shield or PlayStation control. Spinners start at $ 15 USD and the price rises depending on the complexity of the design.

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If you are looking for specific models, the best fidget spinner you will find because of its value for money, are as follows. All offer a good discount and customers have given excellent ratings.

Tom Fidget’s Spinner

best fidget spinner

The most basic model of fidget spinner and, of course, the cheapest. It is manufactured with a hybrid Core 608 ceramic bearing with ZrO7 balls for incredibly long frictionless turns and Steel bearings act as counterweights and provide additional fidgeting possibilities. If you want the natural experience, this is your best option.

Tenwin Tri Fidget Spinner

best fidget spinner

If you are looking for a more eye-catching design, the Tri Fidget Spinner continues to offer a very natural experience, although the manufacture gives multicolored highlights. The new design makes the toy more durable, offers better balance and more durable turns with the same amount of force applied.

Fidget Cube

best fidget spinner

As we mentioned before, the Fidget Cube is an alternative version of the popular toy whose goal is also to relax and de-stress, but instead of doing it through visual stimuli it does so through tactile stimuli. Press buttons, slide switches and move levers as if there was no tomorrow and regain your concentration.

MixMart Spinner

best fidget spinner

This fidget spinner rotates up to 3 minutes with a single push, is silent, has 6 detachable wings and is made of high quality solid brass and stainless steel. The design is eye-catching and the proven quality of the brand ensures that it will be durable enough for you to spin hundreds and hundreds of times.

How to avoid accidents with a fidget spinner?

Although the best fidget spinner is a relatively easy-to-use toy, the rotating blades could become dangerous if not used correctly. Although common sense in general can tell you how to use the gadget safely, it is worth reading some recommendations. At least a dozen accidents have been recorded in the world due to the misuse or poor quality of some models.

That is why the US Toy Association published a series of tips that must be taken into account when buying.

Follow the age recommendations

When buying a fidget spinner, check the age recommended in the product description or on the label. If there is no such product, avoid purchasing it because it is likely that the product has not passed quality filters. Do not give a fidget spinner to a child 3 years or younger because they can swallow the small parts.

Buy in stores with good reputation

If you are going to buy a toy, try to buy it in your store, online retailer or favorite toy store of trust. Good reputation indicates low levels of problems with products sold.

Watch out for fidget spinners with lights

Some fidget spinner models have flashing lights to make the experience more enjoyable and eye-catching. Of course, the lights use a battery to operate, which can be dangerous if ingested.

Constantly checks the integrity of the toy

Like all devices, the best fidget spinner will wear out over time, so before using it always check that you do not have any broken or loose parts that can be fired when turning the blades.

Now you can consider yourself an expert in best fidget spinners. Whether you think they are really good for health or just that they look nice, it is undeniable that they became popular because they are really entertaining.

And you, Will you buy one or make one?

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