Best Running Gear Help You To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

In 2018, fitness is now a global phenomenon. The entire world is more fitness freak now than ever before and everyone is moving towards a fitter version of themselves. With most of us having a sedentary lifestyle and desk jobs at work, even half an hour of activity in a day becomes extremely important. People these days do not mind splurging on best running gear like fitness equipment and trackers.

For people who cannot manage time and spare few hours of the day to go hit a gym, they can always do the best form of cardio- running. This is one cardio exercise for your body that nothing can beat. While running is fun a threat to body fat, having a proper running gear makes running more fun. You do need to have all necessary equipment in your running gear to make the best of out of those few minutes of high intensity running.

Here are best running gear for maintain workouts routine

A GPS watch for flawless monitoring

If you don’t have something to monitor your step and how much you are progressing, then what is the point of running at all? When you see your stats on a trusted gizmo, you stay motivated throughout and continue running. To give you a flawless track record of your running, the Polar M430 GPS Running Watch is what you should get. It is slightly on the pricier side, but boy, you won’t regret buying it. This GPS watch is very accurate and quite user friendly, with a cable charging system and a pinpoint GPS accuracy. It is supremely waterproof too, so you can wear it even when you are swimming to get accurate stats after the activity.Polar M430 include with a six led HR sensor and it tracks your heart rate pretty well. All in all, if you planning to buy a GPS watch, you can blindly opt for this best running gear.

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A fitness tracker, for the most accurate tracking

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A fitness tracker does everything that a GPS watch cannot do. The Garmin Vivosport serves all the purposes that a fitness tracker is built for. It not only tracks your steps taken in a day, but it also tracks the number of stairs you have climbed. It also shows you the distance covered, how many calories you have burned in a day and even tracks your sleeping patterns. Its battery life is pretty amazing too.

Once you fully charge it, it can run up to 7 days without lagging. That’s pretty great, no? Again, it is supremely waterproof, so you wear it even when you are taking a bath or swimming and it tracks those activities too. This fitness tracker’s automatic activity tracking technology is the best in the market. It starts detecting your activity right after the first minute of your body’s activity. Whereas other fitness trackers like Fitbit take up to 10 minutes of body activity to get the tracker started.

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With the right footwear, you can run more in a day than you normally can

Brooks Ghost 10

That’s because the right makes your running less stressful and more fun. It reduces strains on your knees and muscles and makes it a cakewalk. Well, not literally, but yes. But picking just one shoe is pretty much a challenge. Every foot is different. People have different sizes and different running schedules and times. But there are few things to be kept in mind before getting a running shoe.

Try not to buy running shoes online. A specialty sports shop is the best place to shop for running shoes. You can check for reviews online, but at the store, try out different shoes and take a few steps to find out how comfortable you really are. Get things clear in your head as to what kind of a runner you are, how much distance do you cover on a daily basis. For example, a beginner won’t need as high-end shoes as a professional runner. Also, if you have health issues with your legs, do consult your doctor.

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So, getting the perfect running shoe isn’t easy, but you can go for the Brooks Ghost 10 if you are just starting out or even if you are looking for speed. It rolls quite quickly, has a high mileage and super comfortable, to say the least. Its comfortable fit of the forefoot and the soft mid-sole are what make it a runner’s favorite.

The Hoka One One Speedgoat 2 is another prized possession that you can have. It is one of the best running shoes in the world, as voted by users. It has a Vibram Megagrip with plenty of curved lugs that makes it a runner’s perfect shoe. Its grip and cushioning are perfectly designed for long runs, without putting even a bit of strain on your muscles. Even with the tight grip, this shoe is quite roomy and spacious inside, so that your feet do not swell when you are on a long run.

Running gloves, to give you that edge

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When you want to go running in low temperatures, without freezing hands being an issue, go for running gloves. They are cosy and when you are warming up before the run, they keep your hands warm and safe from the chill outside. The Smartwool Liner Gloves is a smart buy when you are looking for warm, cosy running gloves. These gloves are durable and do not form a fat layer of wool on your fingers that doesn’t allow you from using your smartphones. These gloves have touch sensitivity so that you can use your phone and other touchscreen gadgets without having to take off your gloves.

The running hats are not just for that edgy look

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If you love being fit, you won’t let winters be a hindrance to your running routine. Whatever be the weather or climate, your steps shouldn’t stop. The North Face’s Redpoint Wool Beanie is the ultimate running cap when you are stepping out in the chilly winter and want to keep yourself warm. It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. This beanie has a contoured bottom that lets the beanie stay over your ears without having to pull it down all the time. This ensures your entire focus is on running instead of adjusting your running wear.

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The waist belt pack comes in handy when you have to carry a lot of things

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Even if your running tights have pockets, a lot of runners don’t prefer putting any stuff in those pockets while running. That makes one side heavier than other and disturbs the balance of the body. The Aqua Quest Kona Pouch is the best waist belt pack you can get your hands on. This pouch is super spacious without actually taking up a lot of space. So, your keys, phone etc. can safely go inside the belt and not distract your runs. This waist belt is water resistant too.This best running gear is everything you could have asked for.

Energy gels are equally important

Clif Shot Mocha Energy Gel

Before you get an energy gel, you have to get it straight in your head that what kind of gel you want. Decide whether you want a calorie replacement, a salt supplement, or a mule kick from caffeine. These gels do not provide any nutrients like fat or protein, so you have to choose one that’s best suited for you. The Clif Shot Mocha Energy Gel is a good buy. The Clif Shot is a well-known brand in the sports circuit. These gels have a natural taste, unlike the ones that make you want to throw up. It also has a natural sweetness that is derived from organic dried cane syrup.

So, you know it is not processed sugar and is not going to slow down your fitness goals. This sweetness kills out the bitter taste of the natural cocoa powder content in these gels. It also contains coffee to give you that caffeine kicks you need, without actually having to consume coffee. All in all, this is a great energy gel for runners if they want to stay away from the pathetic tasting energy gels that are normally available.

Now that you have all the necessary information you needed, build your own running gear from the best equipment in the market and make 2018 a healthier year. There is no right time to be fit. The day you start is the day you start a journey towards achieving your fitness goals.

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