The Best Running Shoes For Daily Running

Most runners use various model of best running shoes for daily running. Whether running during the week, or competition, in the race on Sunday. It is one of necessary counterpart & the most important. If possible, do run with necessary well prepared.

There are many types of training. As many as races to prepare, athletes, levels, weather (asphalt / dirt), … But there is a type of shoes that is the mostly use in all of form: the so-called running shoes for daily exercise.

Characteristics of best running shoes for exercise

Why are they called like that? Well, because many factors are taken into account in its production. Apart from that they all work in having specific characteristics. Such as lightness, damping capacity, stability, breath-ability, grip, flexibility, durability, etc. They must also be able to absorb the workloads required of them. And the highest loads occur in the training , which usually turn into kilometers of training or time spent running.

Keep in mind that training is not a day’s flower. That is tiredness. At the end of the training, the runner must be in the best conditions to work for the next session. The shoe act as a team to support relaxation in training. Which is working in favor of the runner and preventing injuries, even avoiding.

We have mentioned characteristics that these training shoes should have daily. Let’s explain a little about what, and why.

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The shoe must be well cushioned. Because it must resist the track of many kilometers, whether they are followed, or accumulated in time. This is especially important for any running shoe. Because the high length track making a depression both men and women. So, the mid-sole must be able to absorb the maximum of the negative effects. That caused by the impact on the ground when running.


In a generic way, the shoe must be steady. So that its owners are guaranteed a correct footprint. This means that when the user uses it, during the footstep it falls with all its weight on it. It must remain stable and not give way laterally. However, there are also type of shoes that integrate extra layers. That enhance stability and restrain aspects such as over pronation. These shoes are popularly known as “pronation shoes”.


All the elements are focused on being constructed with the lightest materials. So that the resulting shoe is as light as possible and thus benefit who uses it. In a daily training shoe is not as critical as in a competition shoe. Nevertheless, lightness is no longer important for daily usage.


Due to the effect of sweat, the foot itself and the one that runs down our body and legs. It is necessary that the material that covers the shoe be able to perspire in the best way and keep the foot as dry as possible. Moreover, especially if we are going to use a training shoe in long sessions.

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The mesh that surrounds the foot is light and breathable but weak. So the shoes elements such as synthetic leather, thermosealed and others, to strengthen especially the medial part of the foot, where it is most necessary.

Grip and traction

Two concepts sometimes confusing that we want to explain. How important it is in a running shoe to hold on to the ground. So as not to skid (especially on the ground, in curves or the paint of the zebra crossings) as for have the necessary traction to throw the body forward in pursuit of the next stride. And even if you experiences in a training that shoe not going fast. It does not mean that having a good grip is not important.


In addition to all the technologies that it can incorporate, it must be able to withstand the challenge of its use. It is very common to measure this concept in kilometers to track. Although its durability involves more factors than just the accumulated distance. And the training ones are those that more kilometers and hours of use accumulate, so it is especially important that they are resistant to wear.

Moreover, more characteristics must have any type of best running shoes. Like reaction, elastic retention, reflectivity of the materials, waterproofing and others. Also those using for daily training.

From those who use “one for all”. Which is usually just for daily training shoe that we are dealing with here. Or those who use them only to roll or warm up (and then perform series or compete with both mixed shoes and shoes called “Flying”). We will make a list of the best daily training shoes.

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Now, we are going to classify best running shoes for daily running.┬áDivide with the two most widespread types of footprints: neutral footstep and overpronate footstep. Don’t take it as standard as it is not a ranking. That is, from the best to the worst, or vice versa. It is a list of all the main ones that should be, regardless of whether one model fits better than the other because, as we always say, there are as many feet as runners. Go for it!

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