Best treadmills for runners: Buying Guide you can rely

If you are considering of buying a best treadmills for runners, congratulations! This is great news, because, as you know, these types of machines bring a lot of benefits to its users. Anyway, this is not a thoughtless purchase that can be done inaccurately, but you have to reveal a lot on the type best treadmills. That can be based of product features & the needs of its users.

In this guide we convey you what features are crucial for your treadmill & what to consider and how you will use it. We recommend that first you have to quite clear, because your choice will depend on your exercise. Many times we have been asked about the best brand, the right price of a treadmill or the features that it should have. And the answer is always the same: it depends on who is going to use it. So stop thinking about which brand more name has and ask yourself: what is your goal? As you will understand, it is not the same to have it to walk a few minutes a day, to run several times a week or to running for marathons.

What types of best treadmills for runners are there?

The first thing you should know is that there are two types of treadmills:

Manual treadmill

There is no motor and is run with the movement of the user. That is, the treadmill only moves if you walk, so you maintain your own rhythm.

Therefore, it can be used even without electricity. These types of best treadmills for runners are cheaper, but have a less solid structure and their durability will depend on the care & use we give. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that it is not easy to maintain the movement if we do not use an extreme inclination, and once you are in movement you cannot change the angle of inclination.

We recommend this type of machine to those who will not goes for intensive use or exercise. This treadmill is designed especially for walking or, at the most, to run in a relaxed way.

Motorized treadmill

These treadmills has electric motor, the each running treadmills vary according to each power of machine. You may be familiar to them if you have ever been to the gym, since the ones they have there are usually of this type. They tend to include training programs that guide the user in reaching their goals.

Treadmills without motor (manual) are no better or worse than motorized and vice versa: everything depends on what is sought. There are motorized treadmills designed for beginner athletes or people who want to use them just to exercise the body a little, and there are also for more experienced racers or with different objectives. Therefore, you can find motorized treadmill for all tastes and levels. As for the manuals, as we have said, are more thought to walk or run relaxed than for harder training. Even so, they are a great option in this case to not need electricity, be more economical, take up little space and be easy to assemble, fold and transport.

Difference between commercial and home treadmill

Most people get into a mess when they have to buy a best treadmills for runners. There are many models of treadmill on the market and finding the best is a real effort. Do you want to find the most suitable for you and that is also the most TOP?

Home treadmills

Residential treadmills typically appear on both models; Foldable Treadmill and non-folding so they can be stored at home. This is a plus point for those who have limited space and want to have it handy. These treadmills tend to come with a variety of consoles with many options and you can easily program a workout tailored for you. These treadmill are designed for unusual use.

On newer models you can usually connect the MP3 and usually incorporate a virtual passport that allows you to feel as if you are traveling around the world. These little accessories make running on treadmill more fun.

Commercial treadmills

99% of these treadmill are static or non-folding. This means that your size can not be reduced, so you have to have room to store it. They are designed to withstand high volume workouts for many hours a day. Because of this the picture tends to be stronger and the components are of higher quality, which ensures their long-term durability. They tend to be in gyms, fitness centers, spas or other public places. Although they have a variety of programs, they may not be as easy to use as residential treadmills.

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Can I buy a home treadmill for commercial use?

It is not recommended for several reasons:

They tend to be lighter and do not withstand the constant and regular use of multiple users.

The warranty on the machine is in your name. This means that you are responsible for any repairs that have to be made and you will also be responsible if someone is injured.

Clients can disappoint on your treadmills. They expect a quality of machines, and a residential treadmill does not have all the options that have the best treadmills for runners on the market.

Can I buy a commercial treadmill for home use?

On the other hand, it is totally acceptable to buy a best commercial treadmill for use at home. You can find a machine that can be folded to gain a little more space when you do not use it, but that depends on you. You should also consider the investment you are making, as they are usually more expensive and you will not use it as much as if you were in a gym.

Finding the right treadmill depends on how and how often to use it. You are looking for a machine that meets all your personal requirements, so knowing the differences between residential and commercial treadmills is only the first step in choosing the right one for you. Consider your needs, the price and the space you have to buy the one that best suits your lifestyle.

More tips is the blog of treadmills that has been operating since 2010 with the sole aim to make available to the user all the information that helps you to find the best treadmill, taking into account the needs and objectives in each case . We have analyzed and evaluated more than fifty treadmills of the leading brands of the market and the most interesting models for the user end consumer.

With detailed reviews and exhaustive opinions, this blog of treadmills aims to provide a complete and useful information to the user who is looking to buy a good treadmill for home or the most suitable machine for a more professional or commercial use, either in A gym, a club, a medical center, etc.

Our opinions are completely honest and disinterested, and we do not work for any brand or distributor. We personally test and evaluate every treadmill, including Life Fitness, Sole Fitness, Fuel, Nordic Track, BH Fitness, Spirit, Horizon Fitness, Octane, Halley Fitness, DKN, Star Trac, Vision Fitness, Technogym, Proform, Reebok, Treo, Tunturi, Kettler, LiveStrong, Salter Fitness, Domyos and more.

Benefits of treadmills

Doing sport (such as walking or running on a treadmill) regularly prevents heart disease, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, and senile dementia. Walking or jogging for 30 minutes a day are activities that help improve cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. In addition, it improves the quality of sleep, which is very important to have energy, control the weight and have a good mood. In fact, the sport itself makes us feel better. It can prevent and relieve depression because, in addition to generating endorphins, it reduces stress.

One of the main reasons why people buy best treadmills is to maintain or improve fitness. Undoubtedly, the best trick to losing weight is to play sports. Consistency and effort are very important, but thanks to the amount of functionality offered by many machines on the market, it is becoming easier to keep up with the daily sport.

What to consider before to invest on best treadmills

Dimensions should take into account

The size of the best treadmills for runners can vary depending on the type of treadmill, make and model. To be minimally comfortable it should measure at least 120 x 40 cm, but the normal (and what I recommend) is a treadmill of 135 x 45 cm. If you are very tall / you should decanter for one of 145 x 55 cm.

One of the biggest worries when it comes to buying a best treadmills for runners that it takes up too much space and cannot be easily stored. If this, in the case, note that the treadmill is foldable and consult the dimensions of the folding to think where you will save it when not in use. In the same way, many of these machines have built-in transport wheels, since many people use them in the larger room of their home (as it could be the living room) but it saves them in smaller places.

Prices of treadmills

Treadmills can cost from € 300 to over € 10,000, so it is very important that we set a maximum price. In this way, we will start to discard the brands and models of treadmill to which we will not in range with our budget.

We want to emphasize that quality is not always equal to expensive price. Nowadays we can find treadmills with excellent features for less than we expect. Look at your goals, the features that these require the machine and discard those that are above the budget you have marked.

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If you want a little more guidance on this topic, read this article on how much to spend on best treadmills for runners.

Max user weight

The gym machines can hold a maximum weight, as data included in their brochure. It is important to note whether your weight is that the treadmill can hold out. Typically, the larger and more robust the machine, the greater the maximum user weight.


What Motor Power Is Best For My Treadmill?

It depends. If you’re just going to walk, you have a treadmill with a 1.75 HP electric motor or even a non-motorized treadmill. If your intention is to run a few days a week you should watch treadmill with engines between 1.75HP and 2.5HP. From the 3HP we are talking about professional level treadmills and designed for intensive use.


The use you give to the treadmill will be one of the main factors to keep in mind the moment you start looking for the best treadmills for runners you are going to buy.

You should analyze the type of workout you want to do on the treadmill, whether you are going to use it for walking or for speed training. Another important factor is the number of people that will use the treadmill or the time that you are going to dedicate it.

Having answered these questions, you will be able to choose the most suitable treadmill for your situation. Here is a chart that will help you make the decision, which will depend on the type of exercise and body weight. These are our general recommendations for people weighing up to 90 kg:

Usage                   Body weight> 90Kg         Body weight <90Kg

Walking                              1.75 hp                                 12.75 hp

Jogging                               2 hp                                       2 hp

Running                             2.5 hp                                    3 hp

Speed and inclination

In my opinion this is the basic of any treadmill when you invest on. Beginners or those who want to walk or perform light workouts will have enough with a speed of 12 km / h (even less if they just want to walk). If you want to exercise a little more, look for a treadmill that is between 16 and 18 km / h and, if you are going to give it an intensive use, ideally it reaches 20 km / h or more.

Inclination is the feeling of slope. When we run on real ground we find slopes, and it is important that we can simulate them when we play sports at home, as they increase the level of difficulty and resistance. Beginners usually do not need more than 8% incline and I recommend to the more experienced that they look for a treadmill that gives them a 15% inclination or more.


It is very important that we know the characteristics of the exercise that we are carrying out, as well as the reactions that our body is having to it. Therefore, the screen of our treadmill should indicate at least the following:

  • Display
  • Exercise in progress
  • The speed at which we run
  • Level of inclination
  • Time elapsed during the exercise
  • Distance traveled

Easy to use

The buttons on a console should be intuitive, large and easy, remember that many of the times you use them, you will be running. Ideally, after being on the treadmill about five minutes know how everything works. It is important that you can change speed and incline easily while running and without losing your balance: think that these will be keys that you will use regularly in the middle of the exercise. The other functionalities should be equally accessible.

Cushioning system

Take a good look at the damping system that the best treadmills for runners you are going to buy. As a good shock absorption system can prevent injuries to muscles and joints.

The running surface should not be too soft and fluffy or as hard as the asphalt. Look for the balance taking as a starting point that the treadmill should be firm and not wobble.

If you see in the description of the machine is specified the damping system that reduces the impacts by 15% or more, than this type of treadmill you have to take into account. If you are looking at high-end treadmill you can even find them with double damping system, which is often adjustable. No doubt, that’s a great option too.

Programs and Functions on best treadmills

There are treadmills that have a lot of programs, but that does not mean they are better or worse than those that have. As we have already explain, everything depends on the use you are going to perform and on your goals. If you want to walk for a while or run smoothly you can even get a best treadmills for runners without motor and without programs. If, on the other hand, you want to train about four hours a week, you’ll need a little more, but you’ll have 8 to 10 programs left over. There are treadmills with up to 40 and 50 different programs, each of which is dedicated to different functions: burn calories, gain resistance, burn fat, control heart rate … My advice is to look for the list of programs on the treadmill where Be interested and see if they really are going to be useful for your best workouts.

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Custom Programs

Many best treadmills for runners include this option, with which you can create your own program. With that you can organize what you want of speed and inclination as long as you think suitable. When it comes to training, you just have to select it and you will see that all the options that you have saved are activated automatically.

User Profiles

This is a fantastic functionality if you plan to share your best treadmills for runners. Many times these machines are stored in the living room and are used by rest of the members of the family, who often have different goals and abilities. User profiles allow you to save preferences such as age, weight or recurring exercises and give them a name. For example, you can save Juan’s profile as a 30-year old man, 90 kg and with a series of exercises and preferred speeds. When Juan reuses the machine, you only have to select his profile to retrieve those preferences. Some treadmill even allow you to keep track of workouts.

Heart Rate Monitor

It is interesting to know how our heart rate reacts to the exercise we are doing, if it is too high we can suffer pains and if it is too low then we are not achieving our goals.

We must know the level of heart rate that allows us to train oriented to what we are looking for, whether to burn fat, calories, gain resistance…

Some treadmills built-in heart rate measurement sensors into the grips, that is, on the side of the console or on the side bars.

If we lay our hands on them we will see our heart rate on the monitor and we will have an idea of how we are going.

We can select the heart rate control program, where we will choose a heart rate level and the best treadmills for runners will adapt the speed and incline to keep us in that rhythm.

Heart rate monitoring can also be achieved with a wireless system through chest bands or the like. It is a more comfortable and precise system, but sometimes it is not included in the price of the treadmills, so it is important to ask yourself if it will be useful.



Thanks to advances of technology, many best treadmills for runners already built-in interactive training systems. Some consoles are able to connect to the internet, so that their users can access thousands of personalized trainings and many other features. In addition, they can entertain themselves by visiting the web pages they want, watching videos or consulting the mail.

There are also treadmill that, although they do not connect directly to the Internet, have support for the tablet, which sometimes even replaces the console, since it connects directly with the treadmill.

Systems like iFit or i.Concept are very useful and interesting. They provide a totally personalized experience of the sport. In addition to helping the user achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently, make it much more fun. They have thousands of personalized workouts that can be downloaded easily through their website or application, so that monotony is never a problem when it comes to exercise. They allow a detailed follow up of the trainings to the point of approaching the services of a personal trainer. In addition, they include fun features, such as the option to use Google Maps to simulate running anywhere in the world. In this way, you can choose the city you want, see its streets and feel as if you run through them.


Listening to music helps to motivate ourselves when we play sports, but sometimes watching for helmets is a bit uncomfortable. That’s why a lot of treadmills are built with speakers in which almost any device can be connected.

Air conditioner

This system is usually called Auto Breeze and consists of a small air conditioner located in the area of the console. During cooling or even during exercise, the user can turn it on and enjoy cool air to alleviate the warmth of the exercise.


There are high-end treadmills that even built-in television. They usually enjoy fairly large screens and have access to all presets channels. They also let you listen to the radio.

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