Cheap running shoes Quick Guide to select best one

Although it is true that talked about running that is ‘the mother of all the exercise’. We cannot deny that with the arrival of the good weather (now to say that good weather is enough that it does not rain and we can go out to the Street with a jacket) that to put on your cheap running shoes and go for a few laps. Try to beat your own record (be it for record getting to run to the exercise track) fancy more.

It seems that everything is similar to practice sport. When trying the first swimsuit we realize that the winter and the beers give us the bill. And you have to get in shape or, at least, try to lose some kilos to have a dignified image when we get to the beach.

The importance of cheap running shoes are vital when running. And we are not just talking about ‘nice’ or ‘fashionable’ models that do not make us look ridiculous when compared to the rest of our fellow track. The technology in this type of sports cheap running shoe has shot to almost unimaginable levels.

We found models with soles designed to help us in our footsteps and make them much more effective. There are cheap running shoes designed to ensure good visibility. If we run when the sun goes down, others specific to half marathon and even of a such lightness models. That we will be asked several times if we really wear a footwear.


  • cheap running shoes

We have chosen the best cheap running shoes that will continue on the market in 2017. Some refer to classic models (to be the new edition or to be inspire by others thatalready existing) and others are new generation. But all, yes, all, are perfect for summer runners. Now it’s up to you to choose which one fits the most for what you’re looking for.

Running is not enough

when it comes to exercise. Off course choosing the right shoes is essential. If you want to avoid blisters, sprains and other injuries, you better equip yourself with a pair well suited to your feet.

We offer several tips for you to choose the most appropriate cheap running shoes. We can write extensively about it (and we will). But a good start is to make clear the bases in the choice of the shoe.

Be honest with yourself

The first thing you have to do is ask yourself, “Am I good?” I mean, do I have a clean technique? Do I have the muscles ready? As I get tired, do I neglect the technique? It’s okay if you misbehave, we’ve been in most of our lives wearing cushioned shoes and adopting vices that should not be there. So you’ll have to option to some cushioned shoes and start improving your running technique. If you run well, congratulations, you will be less likely to injure yourself and you will be able to use cheap running shoes with little damping.

Your weight counts!

You have to get on the scale and not deceive yourself. The cheap running shoes have a recommended weight range based on cushioning and stability. If you weigh 65 kg you can (and should) wear lightweight shoes with less cushioning. But if you weigh 90 kg you will need more give cushioning priority, and opt for a stiffer foam mid-sole. As well as additional damping technology on the heel and toe. You will have to possibility to more expensive shoes. That a shoe is more expensive does not mean that it is better, only that it carries more materials and technologies.


Are you prone to any particular injury? It is important to determine this because there are cheap running shoes that can make the risk of a certain injury mitigate. For example, if you have plantar fasciitis, look for models that support the area of the arch. If you are having overloads on the soles and twins you will have to avoid stepping on the forefoot. While strengthening with auxiliary exercises the musculature and look for shoes with drop (difference in height between heel and forefoot) rather high (10 or 12 mm). For problems with ankle or knee twisting, the stability of the shoe must be prioritized

Arch of the foot

It is very important to know what type of bow you have. Finding it roughly is simple, wetting the sole of the foot and leaving the footprint on paper. Of course, the best is a podiatry study. This simple test will greatly limit the models you can access, since a person with a low bow (or flat feet) should not buy shoes with a sharp bow, and a person with a high bow should not wear low bow shoes.

Form position

The pace at which you will be able to roll smoothly during the exercise session, is decisive at the time of the selection. For slow rhythms, flexible cheap running shoes will be needed to try to debug the technique as much as possible. Runners with good fitness will already have more developed muscles and greater flexibility. So they will be prepared for shoes with lower drop and lighter (less cushioned).

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Foot width

Some brands make more of a width for some of their shoes. Being the D in men and B in women that we usually find in all the shoes of the market. For narrow feet there is sometimes the choice of size B in men, 2E in men and D in women will be for wide feet. 4E in men and 2E in women for very wide feet. The difference between a width and another is half a centimeter (which is quite). So most of us use size D in men and B in women, but if you clearly have the widest or narrowest, it would be a good option to   to any of these options.


We go crazy with the perfect size, but here’s a quick trick. Leave the width of a finger between the longest finger and the toe of the shoe end. The foot usually swells in the race when they take more than 5 kilometers, so leave some room to avoid chafing and blistering. That does not necessarily mean choosing another number. Sometimes with a half number it will suffice.

Pay attention to your size

When you run, your foot slides forward several millimeters, even an inch. When you try on a pair of shoes, make sure your fingers do not touch the tip … at the risk of blisters and black nails!

Do you know what your size is? You want to know more?

Use the template that we put at your disposal. To know your size quickly, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the template
  1. Print the 2 pages of the templateb
  1. Cut and paste the 2 parts by the dotted line
  1. Place the template against the wall and place it on top
  1. Mark strikes at the tip of the big toe
  1. During and after exercise, the foot swells naturally. If you do not finish a physical effort, add a 1 cm

Type of footstep

Knowing whether you are pronator, neutral or supinator is important, but not decisive. Pronation is the rotation of the ankle towards the inside of the foot during the footstep. It is not necessarily bad to prone. As it is a natural mechanism of the foot to cushion the body. But sometimes excessive pronation causes discomfort and correction is needed. In that case you have to alternative to some templates or to find some shoes for pronators. Sixty percent of the runners are pronounced to a lesser or greater extent and sometimes appear when we are tired and we begin to neglect the technique. If you are pronator but you have been using neutral shoes for a while and have not caused you any discomfort. It is best to continue with this type of cheap running shoes.

Being supinator (that the ankle turns outwards in the foot) is rare and still people do not stop to ask for shoes for supinator. To have the slipper is wear by the outside does not mean that it is supinator. Only 4-5% of runners supine, so there are no specific shoes for supinator. You will have to choice for neutral shoes with high flexibility (such as the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 or the New Balance 1080 v4).


The ground where you are going to run is important. If you run on asphalt or cement (on the sidewalk), it is most common to option for shoes with soft cushioning. If you are going to run through the park, through the grass, stability gains importance and you will also require some grip to the sole. Damping in this case is not so important anymore. If the ground is going to be stony, along roads and trails or rock, you must choice to trail shoes that provide greater grip, protection and stability.

Road or roads?

Your shoe should be adapted to the practice surface. For road opts for a good cushioning, since it is in that terrain where the shoes wear out more. If you run on paths, choose a good support of the foot and a soles with relief tacos, adapted to natural obstacles.

To run in nature, away from roads or off-piste, with maximum safety and good performance, you must use equipment appropriate to this terrain. In nature, the shoes must be resilient, hold the ankle well and offer good resistance.


The pace that is usually worn with the shoe is important at the time of the election. Many exercise shoes are made to shoot at 5: 30 / km and will not respond equally well at 4: 00 / km. For slower rates of 4: 30 / km, both for exercise and for races. It is normal to choice to cushioned shoes. For 3: 45 / km – 4: 30 / km we will have to pull lightweight shoes with less cushioning and for less than 3: 45 / km it will be advisable to wear flying shoes, although at this rate we will almost always be in fast, Series or races.

It is also important to determine if the shoe is going to be exclusively for racing (and some quick exercise to do it at the foot) or to train as well. If it is only to compete, you can be more risky and look for a model faster, with more response. If you have to combine with the exercise, you have to pay more attention to the pace of exercise. Because it is going to be more than 90% of the time.


Weather is very important usually run in a rainy weather, you should look for models with good grip, especially if you run on asphalt or cement. Right now adidas, with the Continental sole is at the top in this aspect, but there are many other cheap running shoes that perfectly fit in these conditions.

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Exercise or competition?

The goal is different if you are looking for exercise or competition shoes. The type of cheap running shoes will vary from practice to practice.

For exercise

In exercise or for occasional runners, we recommend shoes with a weight of between 300 and 400 g. They are effective on roads and roads and provide stability, comfort and cushioning.

For competition

In competition, the first objective is performance, not comfort. To do this, we recommend lightweight shoes, weighing between 150 and 280 g. The most expert runners will use lighter shoes.

When to renew your cheap running shoes?

It is difficult to see the wear of the shoes because it is progressive. To assess whether the shoes are worn, look at the midsole sheet, if there are tears or the thickness of the studs.

The heavier, thick-soled exercise shoes will allow you to do between 1,500 and 2,000 kilometers.

The lightest shoes, of competition, must be renewed more often, it calculates between 300 and 500 kilometers.

Best time of day to choose running shoes

Buy your cheap running shoes better in the afternoon when your feet are swollen. During the effort the foot swells and, after 30 to 45 minutes of running, tends to cramp. That is why we advise you to choose the shoes in the afternoon.

Is the shoe perfect for everyone?

No, and if someone says it, it just misinformation to you. There are not two feet alike and that’s why there are so many types of cheap running shoes. A model may be better or worse for a typical user. But if that runner uses a good shoe that does not fit within his segment, it will surely be worse than the worst of which are suitable for him or her.

There is a lot of innovation in the world of shoes, and more lately that cheap running shoes has grown in popularity, but there is no perfection. It is best to determine your characteristics and choose from the full range of possibilities. With a little effort you will soon find some shoes that go well for you.

And now that you know how to choose your cheap running shoes … look for them in Amazon and find them cheaper than anywhere.

Cheap Running Shoes

Want to buy cheap running shoes for less than $100? Finding cheap running shoes, $50, $60 or $70? Is this possible?

One may realize that in his life he used all the “shoes” for going to run, are not the most suitable for the foot race. The most common thing for someone who starts out is to go out with what they already have. There is nothing simpler and more human than that. However, after a few races, he usually comes to two conclusions: The first thing this to avoid run (intense physical activity and high impact), apart from tired, a little punished the body. The second is that, in comparison with other runners, the shoes you use do not seem to be the most appropriate.

The next step is to find suitable cheap running shoes. This is something that can give headache, especially for the huge amount of technologies, designs and materials. But nothing compared to the price associated with all of them.

On the one hand, there are cheap running shoes with prices that many think makes them only for experienced runners (faces) or for beginners (cheap). No, this is a wrong. Because the fact that a shoe has a price or another may be due to various factors. But it does not have directly related to the level of the runner, much less with the quality and utility of the shoe. It is true that a rider who performs exercise above 100k a week has to spin very fine with what he wears, but also that right next door can have another runner of 18k or 20k weekly with the same concerns.

In this case, the most important thing for us is that running shoes have a high price volatility that is often determined by the excess stock after a few months. In these cases the price much lower than usual. We are talking about price changes of more than 70 USD. Although brands introduce “spectacular” improvements to their models, does not mean that those kms cannot wait a few months without testing them … And the marks know. Not everything has to be the last “technology” or the most chic to go running, even more if the updates are constant and are limited to a mere change of name, numbering or color of the cheap running shoes.

We will find these cheap running shoes models, more affordable, some simpler and others of the most advanced technical range with surprising offers.

The Top Runner recommendations

  • cheap running shoesSaucony Triumph ISO 2, one of the props of the American brand. It is a high-end exercise shoe and focused mainly on runners who are distinguished by a neutral footprint or already use correction templates that look for an exercise shoe and cushioned with great adjustment, the weight moves between the 244 grams for the version of Woman and 289 grams for the man. One of the negatives was their high starting price but now – with the model 3 of road – they are half price (female and male model).

cheap running shoes

Adidas Energy Boost 3 is a daily workout shoe. It has characteristics of a mixed sneaker so it has to be a good ally for split exercise and competitions. It is designed for runners with neutral footprint but can also be used by those who use correction templates. The weight of this Energy Boost 3 is 310gr for a 42 2/3 (9 USA) in man and 266gr for a 38 2/3 (7 USA) woman, all in Adidas numbering. The drop, as indicated above, is 10mm.

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  • cheap running shoes

     Neutral sneaker with good value for money, ideal for the occasional runner who only wants to have a single sports shoe to combine with other activities like going to the gym or just walk with them in their daily life. They have great stability and comfort. We can run with it both on tape and on the street but we recommend that for a specific running practice do not exceed 3 or 4 days a week or rolls longer than 1 hour.

  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is an exercise shoe for runners and runners with neutral tread and preferably medium weight (although not prohibited for other types of weight). It is very versatile for what is worth so much for a fast day or competition as for all types of terrain, whether asphalt or dirt. We found a cushioned but firm material, air chamber in both the heel and the metatarsal, a drop of 10mm and a thickness that confirms it as a daily exercise shoe (although that increasingly closer to the standards of A full-length mixed shoe).

Exercise shoe for runners with mainly neutral footprints, or planners who extract the factory template to enter yours. It is aimed at runners with low or medium weight (not to exceed 80 kg, here they could go to ASICS Gel Nimbus, for example). The drop is 10mm, valid for exercise in the current parameters.


  • cheap running shoesThere are two finishes, the normal and the Lite-SHOW. The latter provides a little more visibility for night exercise thanks to 3M Reflective reflective materials. It combines with the entire Lite-Show textile range that ASICS has just released. The best discount of this shoe model is available on Amazon with a 40% discount


  • cheap running shoes

    Very flexible shoes with a great breathability. These are the main qualities of this model, but for this it is built on a Phylon half-sole. Which is a compressed EVA derivative used by Nike for a long time. It has two levels of cushioning for, as in most Nike models, to provide a soft footprint. The upper part is from mesh type technology Mesh that provides flexibility and breathability. To make an efficient grip, Nike has incorporated the Flywire technology. Which are those threads of great resistance that hold the foot at any stage of the tread.

The outsole has a design with grooves that favor the flexibility of the whole. Solid rubber reinforcements on both the heel and the toe provide extra durability to the shoe. The weight is situated in the 232gr for the finish of man and the 184gr in the finish of woman.

  • A long-distance model within Adidas, which I would recommend basically for runners who want to start on the Trail Running. Its low weight (238 gr.) The shoe is quite comfortable to carry, although it is scarce in terms of protection elements (we already reviews that Adidas has more elaborate models inside the trail, although the price of Kanadia is clearly advantageous in that Aspect regarding everything). A first mountain shoe for forest tracks and paths. It is suitable for low and medium weight runners.


  • Neutral shoe, which stands out for its lightness and great response in the race, adding also a good cushioning. . Valid for exercise and / or competition in runners up to 80 kg thanks to its great versatility and leaving it only for competitions or fast exercises in heavier runners.

It can work well in a wide variety of race rhythms depending on our profile, from shootings at 6 min / km to slightly lower rates at 4 min / km, where the best sensations will be found here.


  • cheap running shoes

    Exercise shoe for runners with neutral tread or planters. Its strength is the cushioning and comfort in general. It is suitable for all types of exercise, although long runs and hard surfaces are the best to squeeze their potential. With a weight of 307gr. For a 10US in man and 12mm of drop, it fulfills the classic canons of exercise shoe. The middleweight runners, or important also, can use it without problems, indeed, they will be a great ally. Find more Nike Vomero 11 Review Best Running Shoes

  • cheap running shoes

    ASICS Gel Kayano 22 is a exercise shoe with stability control that takes absolutely everything necessary for a runner and more. It is oriented to runners who need stability in their tread because they have an excess of pronation when running. It is also the solution for those whose weight (greater than 80-85kg in men and 60-65kg in women) demands strong and very cushioned shoes. The shoe weighs 310gr. In men and 252gr. In women. Here you can find them with discount.

  • adidas Women's Supernova Boost Glide 6 - Black / Black / White - Size 11The shoe is very good, there is no doubt, what happens is that there are too many references to the previous model. Which directly shoes sole and half-sole. Lovers of the great novelties will find hardly anything new. Because in women at least the structure are touched to provide it with more ergonomics adapted to the morphological peculiarities of the feet. But on the other hand the product is pretty good with what at least, quality and performance.

Exercise shoe, suitable for all types of runs. It can be used in races where the rhythms are not so fast as to pose mixed or even flying shoes. The strip shape to which it is directed is above all neutral strips or and of up to 85-90 kg of weight to get the maximum performance to the shoe. By the way this one weighs 314 gr in size 42.5 EUR of man and 262 gr in 38 2/3 of woman.

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