Green Tea, You should know about it!

Green tea is a millennial infusion with properties that benefit health. Its potent action is due to its rich polyphenol catechin, in particular epigallocatechin, an antioxidant that helps prevent disease.

Want to know more about green tea?

  1. Green tea helps to lose weight. Research has determined that it reduces fat accumulation in the liver and is a good thermogenic agent.
  2. It has stimulating abilities since it has caffeine; which helps concentration and mental work.
  3. It is good for caries prevention. Research suggests that it is beneficial for the teeth and gums in general.
  4. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells and also kills them without damaging healthy tissue.
  5. It is effective in lowering cholesterol levels, and inhibiting the formation of blood clots. The latter is of greater importance if one takes into account that thrombosis is the main cause of heart attacks and strokes.

With these powerful reasons there is no pretext not to drink green tea; Drink two cups a day and enjoy its great benefits.

Most Popular Green Tea Varieties

There is no single type of green tea. In fact, you will be surprised that in Japan alone there are more than 10 varieties of green tea that are consumed habitually. Of course, if you add those in other Asian countries, there are many more. Here you can know the most common varieties of green tea, all with very similar benefits.

Green tea guricha: is a variety from Japan, which is characterized by the sweet taste that it obtains because not when produced not to be roasted, but is subjected to steam. Learn more about this tea and go for a taste of its soft, fruity flavor.

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Green tea biluochun: This Chinese green tea has a sweet taste, significant of the taste of nuts. It is one of the most consumed varieties in their country of origin and in the world. Find out!

Green tea hari talvar: is an ideal variety for those who value the organic above all. This Indian tea is expensive, but its certified production ensures that it is free of chemicals and that its cultivation is 100% sustainable.

Green tea wick: because it is obtained from young shoots, this variety of Japanese green tea has a bitter and astringent taste. It is very rich in tannins and catechins, which makes it highly valued for its benefits. If you like the intense and herbal flavors, do not forget to try this variety.

Green tea lotus tea: This variety of Vietnamese green tea is characterized because in its process from lotus flowers are used to cure tea plants. The result is a soft, sweet and very aromatic flavor, which makes it very different from others. Do not forget to try it!

Consume Types

It should be noted that you can consume the tea in different ways. In this list you can find the most popular

Green Tea Infusions: You can take it alone or in combination with other teas, spices and herbs.

Green tea in capsules: they are supplements that replace perfectly to the infusion of green tea (that is to say, they have the same properties).

Milkshakes with green tea: they are refreshing, especially if they have fruits as ingredients. This infusion fits perfectly with citrus and tropical fruits in general.

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Tea matcha powder: it is also a variety of green tea, which as such, brings its valuable health benefits.

Remedies with green tea: by its properties, can be combined with other ingredients to prepare remedies of internal and external consumption.

These are not the only ways, only the most common. You can also use green tea to make refreshing drinks and slush. In this video you can see three recipes ideal for the summer.

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