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Skyline Treadmills are made by Horizon Fitness, Inc. which was established in 1999 and is headquartered in Cottage Grove, WI. They fabricate a wide assortment of wellness gear (like treadmills, stationary bicycles, and rowers) and segment parts that are utilized as a part of wellness machines (like engines, belts, rollers, and so forth).

They are a backup of Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd. which is a Taiwanese organization that fabricates and conveys wellness hardware everywhere throughout the world. Johnson Health Tech additionally possesses the Advanced Fitness Groups which is likewise situated in Cottage Grove, WI which makes a select line for Sears. What’s more, Johnson Health Tech produces business review gear through Matrix Fitness and Vision Fitness.

Horizon treadmills motors

As a treadmill user, you will enjoy the fact that horizon treadmills have reliable, durable and strong motors. They use the types of motors that are usually found on some of the best gym equipments. The motors are great for both the incline deck and the belt drives. On horizon fitness treadmills, the main belt motors are light continuous duty rating motors that are used for commercial purposes. These motors are designed by Johnson Health Tech Company. This company is known for its high tech productions which go a long way in ensuring that the horizon treadmills remain functional and durable.

During a workout, one of your main concerns are whether there will be consistency. You want a motor that will allow you to move in the same way throughout your workout. If the motor cannot support that, then your workout sessions may end up not being as productive as you hoped. Most of the horizon treadmills in the market give you up to 12 miles per hour which is just enough for people who are looking for a decent workout. This reliability guarantees that you will love working out on the machine and your workouts will eventually yield great results.

Have you look for Features of Horizon Fitness treadmills

There are several amazing features that should make you consider using the horizon treadmills.


Most of the horizon treadmills feature a feather light folding system. The system works by aiding you as you move the deck to a more secure position so you can reduce the space it consumes.  The folding mechanism makes moving it easy and allows you to have an easier time doing so. You can also tilt it to frame rollers.

While the explanation may seem easy and doable, it is not.  The treadmill is heavy and does not move easily. However, once the rollers have been activated, it does get easier to move the treadmill to any position you want. The feather light folding system also helps to protect the deck by preventing you from slamming it into the ground when you want to use it.

Integrated technology

When you go on the treadmill, you want it to also be technologically enabled. Most of the devices you use todays are able to connect to- Bluetooth and wifi without much of a hustle. With this in mind, horizon treadmills ate fully WiFI integrated. They also come with their own ViaFit software. This technology allows you to easily track your workout, find out where you are and how far you-u are from attaining your goals. You can also easily share your progress and achievements with your friends and family.

If you were wondering if you could have goals and a way to find out whether you have achieved them or not, this is a great way to figure it out. With this wifi technology you can easily get to your body fitness goals without getting pressure from anyone. You can also tell your friends about them and they will encourage you by send you their own fitness goals and progress. This way you will be accountable in your training. The software provides you with a fully analyzed and high quality database for your training.

Technological advances do not just stop there, you also get music speakers and beverage holders. You will also love that some horizon treadmills come with 10 inch color screens that give you a lot of features to choose from. The audio speakers also allow you to easily play your own music. It will be like you are on the road running. You will also be able to easily access your water as you walk or run.


If you are looking for a more challenging way to work out, you need to incline your treadmill to get the most out of it. This may not be possible with some of the treadmills in the market.  The horizon treadmills however, allow you to easily incline them by using the internal motors. They can incline up to 15%.thismakes you feel like you are running up ill with in turn intensifies your work out. If you are worried that the incline will be too much work, you should not. You can easily do it by the touch of a button. You also can return it to its original position using the same button. Therefore you work out can shift from intense to slightly easier without costing you too much or using up much of your time.


While they may look simple, running and walking are difficult. They can injure your joints, back and knees. This is the main reason why most people prefer to run on treadmills than outside. Treadmills tend to lighten the impact running has on high stress areas. Most of the horizon treadmills are cushioned further with commercial grade, high quality cushioning. This allows the treadmill to have superior support for all those sensitive areas. It also reduces the stress you may experience on long term training. The relief is awesome both for long term runners and for people who just want some relief. It makes running easier. This means that you can run longer and further without feeling any joint pain.

Track size

If you are looking for treadmills that have full tracks, these are what you need.  They measure 55 inches long. These are meant for people who love walking. However, the treadmills that measure more than 60 inches are meant for runners. They give you a larger surface area to work with. They are 20 inches wide which gives you a lot of free space to use. The surface area is not too tiny that you cannot work on it. It allows you to do your exercises freely. Horizon had some models discontinued because they did not offer the users a lot of space to use.

Best Horizon Treadmill Reviews

Horizon Fitness Treadmill

If you have been looking for ways to get moving quickly and within no time, then advantage 3 is the fitness set for you. It is simple to assemble and it works intuitively therefore you will not be worried about disturbing other people in the family while they are resting. Horizon treadmills equipment is highly compact and fits to every household. If you don’t have a suitable room to make up your gym, you can assemble it at any room during training sessions and fold it back when you are done. The design of this equipment has all your interests covered therefore the cushioning system ensures you get flex where you land and when pushing off there is most support to ensure your joints are protected at all times.

ViaFit connection technology

This treadmill fitness equipment is one of the best fitness gadget with the best technology connection. Every time you are running at home, viafit technology allows you to share and monitor your workouts through a fitness app in your phone.

More programs

Horizon Fitness Treadmill

Don’t just train blindly instead, be on the look of what you are focusing on every time. This equipment has 30 fitness programs that aim at achieving different goals. You can integrate your fitness sessions from 10 distance, 6 calorie, 10 step and so much more. It also simplifies your heart training rate by displaying on the extra wide 5.75-inch LCD screen.

Passport ready

Training has never been this cool and interesting. You don’t just feel the silence in your living room while training instead, you get the pleasure of running through different destinations around the world and it all displays on your living room TV. This is actually the best way to get you motivated every time you are working out.

Easy to use

It does not require lots of man power to get the treadmill ready for work outs. It has a sturdy and strong frame and a hydraulic folding system that makes effortless to assemble for sessions and storage. It also has a featherweight compact design with small footprint for easy storage.


  • Easy storage and compact folding
  • Keeps track of calories progress with viafit technology connection
  • Protects your joints with the cushioning response system
  • Passport media player
  • Noiseless motors
  • Durable with lifetime warranty on motor and frame

Horizon Fitness Elite T9 Treadmill

Every time you are exercising, there is a progress that is not always visible but its actually there. When such moments come and you feel like you are ready for extra speed, elite T9 is here for you. During your work outs using this equipment, you will never feel a surge or lag due to its truly responsive performance. Another thing that makes this equipment one of the best fitness machine is that it always gets you lost in your work outs therefore you will not even note when you have gone too far by engaging you with the virtual active videos. Additionally, it allows you to train and monitor your heart rate at the same time. Therefore, you will always train to your heart limits with every session.

Warranty and durability

This machine is will serve you years of training and exercise. The design is made to last longer than you could imagine. The frames are made of strong and durable material for longevity. The motor is built in to ensure it is protected and will last long too. It also has a life time warranty on the motor therefore, assuring you that your exercises are covered for years.

Easy to use

The hydraulic folding system makes it easy to assemble during exercise and fold when storing.  It does not require lots of manpower to get it ready for every workout morning. When set, you are good to go. You don’t need to have a trainer to monitor your training since everything is well displayed for you to follow.

Passport ready

Move your workouts from the comfort of your living room to the outside world with the help of passport ready feature. This adds value to your training and gives you the freedom of wanting to train even more. The view of the beautiful and various destinations around the world makes exercise interesting.

Heart rate monitor

Horizon Fitness Elite T9 Treadmill-1

Don’t just train blindly keep track of your heart rate and progress with the over 44 training programs. Monitor your heart rate with polar chest receiver and strap or contact grips. The machine comes with a free polar chest strap. The programs include 3 performance. 4 interval, 9 calorie, 2 custom and 2 virtual active among others.

Viafit technology

The reason for your training is to ensure that you are keeping fit and you are proud of your progress. There is no better way of doing this than when you have the freedom of sharing with your friends. Therefore viafit technology gets you there. It gives you the ability to share your productivity from the equipment to your fitness app and later to your friends.


  • Over 44 workout programs
  • Durable with a lifetime warranty of motor
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Technology integration


  • Only runs with 30 minutes intervals
  • Locks down when power saving

Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 Treadmill-1

Advantage 5 treadmill gives you the freedom for advanced training sessions. It allows you to have bigger goals, longer workouts and hard runs than all the other treadmills equipments. The hydraulic system provides you the ability to win back your living room just for living. The compact design makes it easy to assemble, train and restore without disturbing the peaceful rest of the others in the family. It has a variable cushioning system that protects your joints by providing the required support and flex during take offs and landing. The automatic feed on your fitness and nutrition apps are just but a bonus to make your training interesting, memorable and fun. It provides clear records on your heart track with the cardio compass display. The machine has extra longer deck and it’s built to perform with a responsive yet quiet motor.

Passport ready

Just like all the other equipments from horizon fitness treadmill, the passport ready feature allows you to run in various destinations around the world right from the comfort of your own home. The colourful display on your TV gives you the energy to run even more just to visualize other parts of world. It keeps you motivated.

Easy to use

Exercise sessions most happen early in the morning or late at night. Mostly, everyone else is resting and therefore you don’t really need to disturb their rest. That is not the case with the advantage 5 treadmill. The motor works quietly and effectively. You also don’t require assistance to assemble the machine. Once you are done, the hydraulic folding system makes it easy to fold and store the machine and arrange the living room for living once again. The technology behind the formation makes it easy to use with all the details well displayed on the screen.


Every system of the machine is assembled together to ensure that it gives you more power than all the previous machines you have ever used. The frames are made of durable material and it has a warranty on both motor and frames for longevity and confidence.


When there is visible progress on your training, the viafit connection allows you to share details from the treadmill; to your social networks with friends for them to celebrate with you. This also gives you the chance to encourage others that it’s possible to train.

Training programs

With about 35 fitness programs, you are sure of significant changes within a very short time of continuous running. The programs include heart rate monitoring exercises with custom display record on the LCD screen.


  • Passport ready to different destinations
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and foldable design for easy storage
  • Heart rate monitoring programs
  • Viafit connection

Merit Fitness 725T Plus Treadmill

Merit fitness as a company is dedicated to ensure that all your training equipments fits to your lifestyle. Therefore, the company takes pride in manufacturing and designing every set of the machine from scratch to provide its customers with quality training sets. Whenever your equipment requires to be changed on some parts, merit ensures you get the right quality from them and when they don’t have, they recommend you to the rightful seller. The company has experience in training and fitness equipments and they are among the largest fitness manufacturers around the world.

Merit fitness 725T is another treadmill that is designed to meet all your fitness and fit program level. It’s ideal for home use as well as commercial use. This treadmill allows you to set your speed to where you feel comfortable and the 2.25 horsepower drive motor ensures you get quality and comfortable training sessions at all cost. The setting ranges from 0 to 10 miles per hour therefore allowing you to cover a more distance within a short time, but within your ability. It has a tow window led display that makes tracking your progress simple and direct. Using this treadmill, you will experience the benefits of the seven training programs from weight loss, endurance and cardio challenges, hill and mountain climbing, manual and intervals functions.

Foldable design

When you are not training, you don’t really need to see the machine occupy your living room. The foldable design allows you to fold and store the machine at a better place with minimum space therefore giving your living room for living.


Enjoy the freedom of using your Horizon treadmills without fear. The manufacturers provide you with 90 days warranty on labor and spare parts, lifetime warranty on frames and of course 2 years on motor therefore it will be easy for you to exercise without problems or fear of the unknown.

Heart rate monitoring

Merit fitness 725T gives you the privilege of monitoring your heart rate progress every time you are training with the thump pulse monitor. As you continue with your training it keeps you posted b displaying your heart rates n the led display screens for a clear and reliable report.

Speed range

For you to note if there is progress in your training, this machine allows you to have different speed settings from 0 to 10 miles per hour. This allows you to gauge your everyday progress.


  • Easy to use
  • Foldable design for easy storage and space saving
  • Different speed range settings
  • Reliable heart rate monitor
  • Weight loss technique


Skyline treadmills are sold at numerous retail outlets, however this will oblige you to transport a substantial box (upwards of 200 lbs.). Thus, many individuals buy treadmills through online retailers like Amazon.com. A significant number of the Horizon treadmills fit the bill with the expectation of complimentary delivery or Amazon Prime transportation. This fluctuates relying upon the time and model. In any case, having it delivered straightforwardly to your house is helpful so you can have it set wherever you anticipate setting it up.

Another decent reward of requesting through Amazon is that you can regularly include 4 or 5-year security arranges through Warrantees effectively. This will augment the life of your guarantee and incorporate into home administration calls. In the event that you are at all stressed over the guarantee no enduring sufficiently long to completely cover your new treadmill, this is an incredible approach to offer you some bit of brain.

With a few in number lines of fitness treadmills available, Horizon is certain to have a model to fit your specific needs. Their segments are probably going to be in treadmills from different brands, so why not purchase specifically from the first maker? In spite of the fact that at last a worldwide organization, Horizon gear is made and conveyed in America.

Regardless of whether you require a passage level treadmill or an expert treadmill for genuine preparing, a Horizon treadmill can be a quality speculation for your home exercise center.

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