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And all we know, running is fashionable, not only because health issues sport is healthy, but because over there are few excuses not to do so, although one of the facilities you have is the cost, when you take a while or you’re starting to take it seriously, you should consider choosing good running shoes and appropriate clothing, perhaps in a matter of clothes is something simpler but as for the slippers is important to choose well and make a small investment in our body and avoid blisters, sprains and other injuries we can ruin our routine. Nike Vomero 11 Review literally based on the Nike Vomero 10 had many sales, filling the gaps with added material. Nike gives the upper bead similar treatment, increasing the volume of the foam within the walls of the neck for better fit.

There are some other changes, such as design change in the upper ‘Flymesh’ which influences the superior form of 11 Vomero. At first glance, they have a bracing identical to Nike Vomero 10. The midsole 10 keeps the Vomero design, interlocking two densities of foam. According to the product description of Nike, the midsole is a mixture of Lunarlon and EVA.

The large white piece is supposed to be Lunarlon, and the yellow foam under the heel is EVA. The geometry of the outsole has not changed. The forefoot is filled with soft inflated rubber (Duralon), and the second half of rear foot is covered with a harder rubber compound.

Runs much smoother than the Vomero 10 was much stronger in the heel, the distribution strategy damping remains constant at 11, just forefoot of Vomero 11 is softer than 10 , and heel is halfway .

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How the Nike Vomero foam 11 behaves?

The foam is sensitive, recovering from the tread to return to its original shape, we are comparing this with a regular soft EVA and not superior materials such as reinforcing Adidas. Foam forefoot of nike vomero 11 review thatce the original Vomero which debuted a decade ago, Nike has used a soft rubber compound blown to fill the sole of the forefoot. For Vomero 10, the outsole forefoot was comparatively much firmer than 11.

Following the example of soft foam midsole, rubber inflated under the forefoot becomes softer version of it being at least 30 % softer than last year, and perhaps even more.

The design is exactly the same, however. The forefoot is 9 parts of different rubber and flex grooves forming transition. Due to the increasing softness, 11 Vomero ends up being more flexible than the V-10.

In the back, the heel is softer than it was version, there is the Lunarlon top layer, which makes it so, and is nothing noteworthy. Last Vomeros had a hard cellulose board on the heel Zoom Air bag. This material was muffled but firm heel.

While we cannot say what exact type of fabric which is uncut open shoe, it seems more flexible than the hardboard. Logically, this update should also add to the experience smoother 11 Vomero trip. Finally, exceeding midsole components is padded, design and thickness is the same as the previous Vomero, except that the foam is a little softer.

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The net result is a much smoother Vomero even in treadmills. The spectacular rise smoothness level management can become an element of surprise, especially if you’re moving up from Vomero 10.

Nike Vomero 11 the best running shoes

The nike vomero 11 review one of many within the range of neutral cushioning shoe quality first, Asics Nimbus 18, which is semi-hard from the perspective of walk while lacking responsiveness. So in this large (and diverse) spectrum similar running shoes.

Double airbags and zoom support framework EVA foam (yellow) below the midfoot and heel, to make it so soft that the Nimbus 17 for instance, makes all the difference and gives as result a balanced blend of soft cushioning behavior and excellent elastic recovery.

Nike's Flyknit Technology

Soft foam midsole also helps harness properties Zoom Air bag better. With a softer environment, Zoom Air bags play a more important role in damping functions for the soft Lunarlon low weight compresses faster (relative to Vomero 10), leaving the rest of the load Zoom Air cushioning.

The bags also help stabilize the shoe largely acts as a support element also. The hollowing firmer EVA under the heel and midfoot which also prevents the soft foam creating excessive bias.

In short, nike vomero 11 review a superlative blend of soft cushioning and responsiveness, quality class desirable for longer tours running. This is a well written off in the book Nike model investment.

Nike Vomero 11 Review

Considering the front of the foot biased damping is a great shoe for forefoot strikers who yearn for a gentle ride down. There are not many who have this unique distribution midsole cushioning. The general industry standard is a soft heel cushioning with tapers down to a firmer front of the foot.

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nike vomero 11 review

Only by having a firmer midsole, the Vomero 10 noticed much more quickly and efficiently in the department transition 11. The outsole keeps the design is intended to help transitions. Still does, but with the quality of softer march 11 does not feel as agile in the progressive transfer of weight above the midsole.

It is unclear why Nike Vomero suggests that it is a model to be fast. It’s not supposed to be so also has several models like Zoom Elite, Lunartempo, LunaRacer and Raya to do that job. When it comes to a comfortable, flexible and padded driving, 11 Vomero is right on the money, and that’s what should happen as much. In addition other negative is that it is 10% heavier than the previous model.

An increase in Rowcount cord produces a higher level of average adherence foot, and that is clearly evident in the Vomero 11. The foot feels full in the middle of the upper foot, compared to the tolerant character set the previous model.

What is the verdict of vomero 11?

The upper setting changed and significant weight gain evokes mixed feelings. They are proving the runners 11 for a surprise, since both the V -10 and 11 are very similar.

But we love some things about this latest model, as its soft and responsive ride, 11 Vomero back to its original roots. The transition is good for a cushioned shoe east, and is relatively supportive too.

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