How Running Can Save Your Money on Term Life Insurance

There are immense benefits of being a fitness freak.  Running is one of the best ways of keeping yourself fit and energetic. You gain good health and improve the chances of life longevity.

How will you react if you know that running can help you in reducing your financial costs towards insurance policies as well?

Yes, it is true. Considering the immense benefits that come along with your physical fitness, the runners have an above edge over insurance policies. In this article we will try to cover all your doubts and queries to make it easy to understand that how running can help you in saving money over insurance policies.

What excites the insurance companies about running?

It is very well known that running is a whole body exercising technique. The health benefits that you derive from running have found a solace with the records of insurance companies.

Let us know how these health benefits are important to the insurance companies recommended by Seniors Life Insurance Finder:

A Good Pumping Heart

When we do running the muscles of the heart get more strength and they are able to pump more blood during the contraction activity. This not only saves us from various potential heart diseases but also helps us in scoring good numbers on the charts of insurance companies.

As heart is one of the most vital parts of our body that reflects our cholesterol levels and blood pressure balancing. The insurance companies find it easy to assess the health of the heart and recurrent data of a runner as they are more fit and prone to good health.

Maintaining Blood Pressure

Once you start running you will realize that your blood pressure levels are getting under control. There are facts and studies that support the theory that those who do some exercise like running and jogging every day are less risk averse towards high or low blood pressure problems.

When the insurance companies review your constant blood pressure charts, they are more assured of your fitness.

Control Cholesterol levels

With running your cholesterol levels come onto the requisite scale as the blood passes more smoothly through the veins and the arteries. There are no formations of lumps as the runners always maintain their energy level higher and food gets digested at a faster metabolic rate.

This is one interesting fact to be considered by the life insurance companies as they measure the cholesterol of their customers.

Obesity can be Cured

One of the world’s major health concerns in these times is “obesity”! Obesity does not refer to only “higher weight” on the weighing scale but it reflects that the person is not physically fit enough to fight several diseases that can be a repercussion of the ailment.

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Being an obese is not a choice for people but being a runner can make a difference to this condition. If you are a runner not only will you be able to control and reduce your weight gain but also you will find higher levels of energy in your body.

As stated above that running boosts your metabolism so whatever you will eat will get converted into absorbed energy. An overall healthy person is much desired by the insurance companies as it reduces their risk levels.

The point to be noted here is that obesity is not only a condition, in various medical studies it is considered to be an ailment. Running can help you to get rid of this ailment to a significant extent.

Helps to Maintain Healthy Mind

People who work out and spend time in the improvement of their body are by nature considered to be less averse to “stress”. Stress is considered to be the primary cause of various life-threatening diseases- “depression” being one of them.

A healthy mind not only attracts allies but also brings in more positive assurance from the insurance companies.

Prevent Many Other Diseases

There are various medical conditions that can be treated and avoided by “running” such as diabetes, stomach ailments, depression etc. Addressing all these diseases, the insurance companies find it easier if their client is a healthy runner and surpasses all these tests without any difficulties.

People who run on a regular basis find themselves at a par with the healthiest routines of life. They do not suffer lethargic and mundane intentions in their outlook which creates a lot of difference towards their overall cognitive development.

What are the forms of running that can help you in saving on the life insurance costs?

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When we refer to “running”- it does not mean that you have to run at the speed of 60kmph on the treadmill everyday!

Running can be into various forms that one can take up according their comfort and body type.

For the beginners they can start by slow jogging for 20 minutes to 1 hour a day. For people who are not in a very good physical condition can initiate by brisk walking for 15-20 minutes and thereby increasing the time gradually.

For gym goers and athletes there are self defined standards that they can meet and be careful of not overdoing it.

A slow running exercise on regular basis is what is needed for a healthy lifestyle which is the prima facie of good health.

How to find the motivation for running?

Although it is very much difficult to include a change of routine in your daily lifestyle but we need to know certain things to inculcate these “good habits” in our schedules.

First of all running should not be considered a choice rather it must be a “necessity”. We can avoid the health symptoms that warn us of our day to day degrading health condition but not avoid the onset of diseases. The diseases not only lead us to health degradation but can lead us to severe monetary losses as well.

Indeed it is much more important to know that “a penny saved is a penny earned”. So if you are passionate about saving the hard earned money which is a part of your family income, you need to make these changes in your life style. It is not necessary that you run for a certain time period at a stretch. The time can be divided into halves of morning as well as evening. A cumulative workout is what is needed by the body.

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Secondly focus on “oxygen” oriented running. In order to avoid any muscle cramps and joint pain breakouts we need to learn “how to avoid anaerobic running”.

One must try to avoid fast running at long stretches. It is better to do an inclusion of fast running as well as slow running in your running period. For example – fast sprint for 1 minute and slow walk or jogging for 2 minutes on a repetitive mode. This process helps in making sure that the oxygen reaches all the ligaments and muscles tissues that start working at a higher rate due to running.

These techniques will not only create your interest in the running but also give you the require exercise and fitness levels.

There are various equipments these days that aid the runners such as listening to music via headphones, treadmill running, activity tracker etc.

How will the insurance companies get to know about your fitness plans?

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If you are not an athlete or sports person, then you definitely do not have certificates to prove it to the insurance companies that you are a runner. However all you can do here is that you can tell the companies about your running profile and make them aware of your fitness plans. Also allow them to do their medical examination so that you can prove your health and fitness levels.

Some of the insurance firms also offer discounts for those people who challenge to meet certain fitness goals being measured on the fitness tracker applications and devices. Such data and tests will certainly help you to avail those discounts that may range anywhere in between 5% to 20% easily on the policy cost.

The other way of proving your fitness abilities and get the motivation to do running is by keeping the screenshots of your workout tracker after every regime. You can save the screenshots of consecutive days for 15-20 days just before you plan to visit the insurance company for buying the life insurance policy.

Understanding the point of view of life insurance companies towards running:

The mathematics on which the life insurance companies judge their prospective customers is very simple! They try to reduce their own risk by ensuring that their client has a healthy body and mind. These facts ascertain that they will live longer and disease free life which is a cash-cow opportunity for the insurance companies.

If their customers are fitness freak and divulge themselves into fitness activities not only the customers get benefitted with good health, the companies also tend to reduce their risk of spending on the “medical expenses” of their customers.

The discounts that they offer in this practice are very minimal which otherwise are much higher amounts that needed to be paid in the form of medical bills. Thus by motivating their clients for availing benefits of being runners they are minimising their risks to large extent.

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Why only “running” is being suggested as the most sought out fitness activity?

Although workout in any form is going to be a reward but running is a wholesome workout regime. Let us enlist why running is considered to be the most optimal exercising options:

  • Unlike weightlifting and other heavy inclusion exercises, running has lesser scope of wear and tear of the muscles.
  • One person can easily define their limits and measure their activity success rate through running.
  • Sweating out is quicker through running as compared to any other form of workout. Sweat is a very good way of excreting unwanted toxic elements from the pores of our skin and body.
  • Running increases our carving for healthy food as our body needs more useful energy.
  • Stress free mind and healthy lifestyle are the by-products of running as a daily practice.
  • Running doesn’t need any pre defined space or instruments. Although the treadmill can be an aid but if one doesn’t have access to gym, they can use open ground and parks for running. And this is the best part!
  • Running doesn’t need any specific outfits. However it is best to be done in sports outfit but if you feel comfortable you can use your daily shorts and sports shoes for running.
  • The forms of running can be self defined for any age group. This is one such exercise that suits every person in their specific limits. From slow walk to fast sprints running has various modifications that can implied to one’s own abilities.

What to keep in mind?

Running implies “overall fitness”.  But if we tell you to do running that does not mean that you should make a goal and try to meet it by hook and by crook. In the article we have often used the term “in the defined limits”. This implies that running should be aimed to make you healthy.

To make it simple to understand- if you run 15 miles a day and suffer the muscles cramps for next 10 days- it is not fitness. If you start running practice but facing asthma issues after every milestone- it is not suggested.

Therefore, before you inculcate running just remember- the aim is to make your body better from its current state. Nothing changes in a day or two but results will be evident over the period of time.

You should start gradually and lead yourself to higher aims at constant intervals.

If insurance is on your mind, then you should talk to your insurance agent and consult your fitness aims with them. They will be able to guide you about what you need to achieve to attain the financial bargains on the insurance policies. You will be able to define your targets and achieve them.

You can also suggest them about the time frame that you may need to achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness through running is a win-win situation. The customer gains long term good health and financial bargains while the companies rejoice the security of their finances.

Such practices should be encouraged for an overall healthy competitive frame of our society at large.

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