Which is better, running in the street or on belt?

There are many who doubt the effectiveness of running exercise machine like treadmill; but now that we are in full wave of cold and rainy, there are many fewer hours of sunlight, can be the perfect replacement to maintain our workout routine career. While it is true that running on the treadmill requires a slightly lower than do it on the road, as well as assist in the movement and not to submit the uneven surface effort, the fact that they are inside gyms, temperature (heat or cold), wind and other weather conditions provide us with exercise.

To match the outer race conditions inside should slightly increase speed when running exercise machine. The fact that the treadmill is a machine that started by elite runners when they could not keep out their workout plan. To effectively exercise in treadmill, some important issues that allow you to faithfully reproduce your workout on the street. The variables that must enter into your workout belt are:


In principle, running exercise machine on the treadmill requires less effort in their exercise, because although we do not realize it, no unevenness that we are in the street. It should include variations in the inclination of the belt. When performing shooting a controlled rate, to resemble as much as possible exercise race on asphalt, raise the incline to a degree or two, and even stagger the degree tilt from time to time to better simulate the ground outside.

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As discussed above, the fact that the belt automatically move also enhances their displacement. Do not have to pull your body, the belt helps you navigate. This presents a slightly less than that of the race asphalt resistance. Therefore, to equalize conditions should slightly increase speed when running exercise machine on the treadmill when you do comparatively abroad. Fifteen seconds faster per kilometer would be the rate that best reflects their pace on the outside.

Long and varied

The fact that when we make our exercise indoors will cause us more perspiration than when run outside. So our feeling of fatigue will be greater. Added to this is the monotony of running on the site, which will definitely cause a feeling of fatigue and desire to leave will probably reduce our exercise time? To avoid these feelings is essential to plan a sufficiently long exercise and force us to accomplish using tricks to distract us from the nondescript treadmill running. The best trick is to vary the intensity and inclinations.

An ideal running exercise machine and practice consists of:

  • 5 minutes of heating at a controlled speed and so comfortable that we entering our body heat and conforms to the requirements of our exercise. (5’0 ”)
  • 4 minutes at controlled rate, the equivalent of our long roll rate (4’45 ”)
  • 4 minutes livelier pace, equivalent to marathon pace (4’15 ”)
  • 4 minutes long roll rhythm again. (4’50 ”)
  • Each adjust their rates according to their race times.

Repeat this cycle as many times as needed, to complete the scheduled shoot. In my case it will usually be a few times more, to reach the 40 minute workout and end another 5 cooling. Similarly be worth exercise programs preset by the machine itself. There are routines that simulate mountain exercise, interval with different inclinations and long running, etc., and all of them equally effective.

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To avoid the feeling of fatigue should include changes in our routine that distract us and help us get small challenges

Most of the time, the main enemy we have when we running exercise machine in belt is usually the boredom and fatigue feeling that invades us long before when we run in an outdoor where we have to go and come back. Psychologically, being able to leave the slightest feeling of fatigue, it weakens and pushes us to leave exercise early. To avoid this feeling must include changes in our routine distracting us and we will help get small challenges, small targets. Effective tricks to combat this feeling of abandonment is to start at a relatively slow pace, heating, and gradually increase the speed gradually in very small sections of 0.3 kilometers per hour every three minutes.

So if we start shooting at a rate of 12km / h, and after heating five minutes at this speed, the speed started to increase at a rate of 0.3km / h every 3 minutes, we have more chance to complete the exercise. In this way we will complete ten sections of 3 minutes or what is the same: thirty minutes of effective stroke. The pursuit of a challenge helps us to complete the exercise and prepares us psychologically to face the challenges of a marathon. If we increase the speed every three minutes, we can run for 40 minutes (we include the five initial heating and cooling final five).

Both exercise belt, as when we want to complete a marathon, it is important to set short-term goals. Small increases in speed on the treadmill and go sections of 5km completing a marathon. Think of running for 40 minutes on the treadmill or running 42km row is made easier if we divide it into sections.

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