Scooting: How To Lose 400 Kilocals To Stay Fit and Healthy

Staying fit needs an insane amount of time.

In fact, there’s not enough time in your day crunching benches and pulling the planks.

From getting the kids to school, driving to work, getting the kids at home, doing the shopping, cooking dinner, you feel stretched to the limit.

You are not alone. Your daily life is exhausting.

So what if I told you there is a way to improve your health, well-being and fitness without gasping for breath in the gym?

In other words, to make your life more active, because active body is the key to keeping fit and healthy. And by the way it works for all, even if you are overweight.

Want to know the secret? I am glad you asked.

Why Scooting Keeps You Trim, Lean And Active(As Proven By Science)


Let me guess….

You are thinking whether you would push your leg like a toddler on the pavement? Yes, and studies have shown that scooting can help you burn more calories and keep your body active.

A Study done by University of Brighton revealed that scooting has the potential to make you live a healthy lifestyle. It showed that if you scoot for 30 minutes a day at 4.6mph you will have a heart rate of 115-120bpm.

In 2015, University Of Brighton conducted a scooter study to determine its health benefit to the body. The study was done on the Eastburne sea front promenade and was computed at Welkins laboratory.

The participants came into the lab at exactly 9am for medical checkup and examination, if they were fit to be in the study. Then the participants were taken to the East Burne seafront for scooter exercise. Two trials were done to make sure that results were accurate.

During the trials the University of Brighton took the following statics to check the behavior of the body during scooting exercise.

  • Heart rate
  • Feeling of good factor
  • Body mass
  • Body fat
  • Hydration state
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Lung function

Observation and results.
The University observed that adult scooting at a steady space burnt 300 kilo calories in a period of one hour. The participant who maintained a steady speed of 12km per hour, burn 480 kilo calories in that period. Scooting has really benefit in keeping the body active and healthy.
And you will burn 150 calories which is equal to a one chocolate crème egg.

Another study observed that you could lose from 400 to 500 kilo calories if you drove for one hour. To achieve this, it depends on the interval of travel and the attitude of the person.

Burning the 400 to 500 kilo calories equals to a half a kilo of roasted meat.

Looking at the nature of these two studies, it is clear that, you can lose weight if diets and exercise have not worked for you.

Second, scooting is a way of keeping your body active because it incorporates all the body muscles.

When you scoot all the muscles of the body are involved in the exercise. There is no other exercise activities that gets the body whole involved in the training. Scooting helps with the following muscle.

  • Back: Riding on the scooter straightens and strengthen the back muscles, joints and spine.
  • Abs: Your abdominal muscle is engaged when you kick the scooter
  • Upper body which involves pecs, biceps and triceps muscles work together to counteract the forward-backward body movements that happens when you scoot.
  • Buttocks: Scooting movements strengthens and flex the flutes and buttocks.
  • Hip muscle: the hip muscle tones and flex because of joint mobilization that happens when during the scooting motion.
  • Thigh muscles: Because you are standing one leg, you are supporting your body weight. And this tone the thigh muscles making you become stronger and flexible.
  • Knees and ankle: Scooting is a form of cardio exercise, when you scoot your heart is involved in the process. You can compare scooting to running or swimming.
  • Mind: Scooting enhances a positive feeling and mental alertness
  • Tendons, joints and ligaments: All these muscles are strengthened by the movements of the scooter.

You can’t compare scooter riding with any form of exercise. It balances the core body muscles and makes them active.

Scooting supports the thigh and glutes muscles. Pushing yourself forward on a kick scooter is a powerful activity for glutes and thigh muscles. It keeps them stable. If you take this to the extreme, you can try the following exercises. Try engaging your bum in action and squeezing the gluts while you kick away.

Scooting can restore weak pregnancy muscles. When you are pregnant the abdominal and pelvic floor gets stretched and weakened. It is important for this muscle to stay in the right working condition. Scooting every day can help strengthen these muscles up.

Like any person in life you will have a stronger and weaker side. Unfortunate, it is hard to know which side is weaker and which one is stronger. Scooting everyday can and will improve your stability. That’s because the neurological messaging of the brains and muscle improves with time. If you are buying a scooter for kids, pick a kick scooter, which is ideal for kids. If you have a child of 10 years or more I recommend a stunt scooter. These stuffs are really cool! And, lots of fun as well.

Get off the Weight Hamster Wheel

I know how tough and frustrating it is losing a pound. Anyone who has had weight related issues to will tell you that.

Losing weight is like fighting a losing battle for some people. Scooting is the magic pill in fighting obesity. Looking at the calorie chart, a one minute ride at an average speed of 18km/hr can make you lose one kilogram of weight.

Compared to going to the gym, losing this amount of weight can take one month or even two..sometimes forever. When you ride the bicycle for the same amount calories, you lose only 460 grams of weight at 30km/hr.

Looking at energy you use, it is the same amount of energy like the fastest swimmer or brisk runner. In fact, you are likely to burn even more joules than a person who does aerobics, judo training or zumba dance.

Before you throw in the towel of defeat, know this-it’s not too late to start losing weight.

It’s possible.

How to Effortlessly Sneak In Scooting In Your Life

You don’t need a routine for you to scoot. Can incorporate in your life very easy. You don’t need a 9.am o’clock schedule like you will be at a gym.

Although routine helps and can speed up your weight loss journey. But you need to start with small habits which builds up to bigger habits until you practice scooting.

An advantage of scooting over a bicycle is that you don’t end up sweating like a cyclist. This gives you an opportunity to ride the scooter the whole day. You can do short errands with it. If you like to scoot during lunch hours, this improves your body intake of nutrients, giving you energy during the day. This makes you less vulnerable to grab snacks. Here are the daily things you can do to lose weight and keep fit using a scooter.

Do It As A Form Of Exercise.

Scooting burns fat and calories as a form exercise. The question is how do you incorporate it in your daily life? All you need to do is start with a 15 minutes ride for the first week.

Then you can adjust to 30 minutes. Finally you can adjust to one hour if you find fun riding. The best time to do this can be any time during the day. But I find evening and morning to be perfect.

Riding in the morning keeps you alert and active the whole day. Scooting is a low-impact and low-sensitive exercise that has little impact on your heart rate. Scooting helps you keep a abreast with the total calories expenditure which are the requirement in losing weight.

Scooter riding saves does not lead to any shocks and that means that your joints are always safe. Jogging can leads to pains into joints and tendons. For that reason if you have never succeeded in jogging, try scooting.

Unlike scooting, cycling employs the lower parts of the body which sometimes leads to pain on the back and spine. Scooter riding employs the back, chest and belly muscles which are strengthened. And you won’t be gasping for breath when you saddle.

Incorporate it Your Daily Activities.

Instead of taking a bus to work, you can scoot to work. Aside from health benefit, it keeps you active on the job. You feel fresh and you have more oxygen to help you get through the day.

Even when you are going for breaks like lunch, instead of taking a walk to a nearby cafe for some fresh fries and hamburgers, you can take a ride.

In other words you use every opportunity in your life to use a scooter as form exercise in keeping your health fit. If you can’t find time to go to the gym, use the scooter to compensate for that time.

If you are tired of paying heft gym membership fees? You can’t find the time to get to the gym?

Fear not.  There is a solution.

You can create a 45 minutes workout plan. For instance, you can scoot 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes during lunch breaks and 15 minutes in the evenings.

You can incorporate the drills into scooting activity.  So while you are on the school run with the children, scooting to the station as part of your journey to work or out and about as a family at the weekend.

Scooter is fun, and you can hardly perceive any negative impact on the body.

Doing like this every day, you train your body to burn fats. That is what fitness guru use to trick the body. The body gets trained to burn metabolism in a low-intensity fasted session.

In other words, doing a short 20 minutes fasted session like commuting to work, burns fat rather than relying on energy stored in the muscle.

Combine it with a workout.

After intense work out, you can scoot when you are commuting to home. You can also use scooting as a form of warm up before you get into intense work out session. It prepares and primes your body. You burn more calories when you scoot and work out every day.

Cuts your risk of future injuries.

Scooting requires balance. When you scoot all the lower muscles of the body are involved. Scooting employs the core and strengths stability muscles in the joints.

Standing on the scooter strengthens the stomach, back and pelvis muscles. This protects you from back related problems that may affect you in future.

Scoot on A flat surface.

Scooting in itself is a form of anaerobic exercise. When you scoot on a gentle surface, you are performing anaerobic exercises. And doing activities like this, you spend more you burn more fat even faster. Scooting on a hill is even much better because it gives you an anaerobic challenge.

How to effortlessly ride a scooter

You need to “push off leg” that creates movement on the scooter. How much force should you put into the push off? You stretch the leg to the middle of the front wheel.

You only touch the ground with the front of your foot. The movement is flexible, which means you won’t hold the handlebars too tight. That is what makes scooting easy.

To move efficiently try scooting with both legs. Don’t scoot with your left leg alone, sometimes you can let the right leg kick the scooter. This ensures proper balance the during exercise.


It is no secret that scooting every day is beneficial for your health, mind and soul.

You can watch that flabby fat waste away few months from now. If you’ve failed to keep up with the workout. Start developing small habits like scooting which yields to bigger habits like weightlifting.

A few months from now, you will be a looking at happy, lean, healthier person. Scoot for health. If you are buying a scooter for kids, buy a stunt scooter, because kids enjoy jumping and doing tricks for fun.

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