What sports supplements for runners should take?

Aerobic sports like running help us burn fat, gain muscle and get fit, so they are very beneficial to our health. Healthy life today is in trend (and we hope this trend stays!), so there are more and more runners. The problem is that many realize that they have too stressful routines, that they have little time and that the last thing they fancy on hot or cold days is to run to the streets. Luckily, there is a great solution for these cases: treadmills.

Being runner without leaving home is very easy today. Just choose from the vast number of options offered by the treadmill market, a machine that suits the needs of the user. Seen this way, it is not so easy, but to make life more comfortable we thought it appropriate to share with you this practical guide to buying treadmills. Surely it is very useful to start getting in shape from home.

When you begin to use your new gadget you will see that your goals begin to be palpable. But, it usually happens that, over time, the body is accustomed to follow a faster pace and stops burning fat, produce muscle and tone. That’s why people who take intensive training or who have a very active sports life usually take sports supplements.

As we all know, physical exercise must go hand in hand with a healthy and balanced diet, because the caloric expenditure that involves exercising our body must be compensate by eating well. However, sometimes it is not enough to have a healthy diet and it is necessary to supplement it with natural sports supplements, which are just as healthy and can give us the supplements that are lacking to our body.


When we start doing sports we notice that we burn fat and we lose weight quite quickly but, those athletes who have been exercising their body and adopted a routine, they notice that their body gets used to this habit and stops burning fat. The more fat you have lost, the harder you will lose yourself and the more your body is accustomed to sports, the more you will have to work hard to get results.

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This leads many athletes to help their body achieve their goals through nutritional supplements. Faced with the exponential growth of the difficulty of burning fat by doing sports, natural dietary supplements like you loose weight, stimulant-free thermogenics, appetite suppressants or L-Carnitine are a very good option to reach the desired goals. Of course, they should always be accompanied by physical activity and a healthy and balanced diet. It is not enough just to take the supplements, because they are only complements: they do not perform miracles.


Although it is true that running eliminate the fat due to the caloric consumption. That also means that our muscular system tends to weaken. This happens because when running we burn calories, so that sometimes we leave our body without the sufficient energies to go ahead, ending with the reserves of glycogen and fat.

When this happens the metabolism behaves as if you are in a fasting situation: since you can no longer feed on calories, you must resort to the proteins that form the tissues and muscles for energy. Because of this, muscle training is difficult to achieve in an athlete who does not follow a very strict diet that avoids this situation. A good option to avoid this situation and not having to follow almost impossible diets is to resort to specific amino acid and protein supplements to repair the muscles and prevent their destruction. Here are some of the most functional:

BCAAs: regenerate the muscle tissue, make it grow and give energy to the muscle to avoid its wear.

Proteins: help to increase and strengthen muscle mass.

Amino acids: bind to form proteins. Its ingestion helps to strengthen muscle mass.

Clenbuterol is a popular drug to to build non-fat body mass.


Arginine: The body cannot produce nitric oxide without arginine. Which is necessary for the performance of many functions of the body. The nutritional supplements that contain it help us to be more active, eliminate toxic waste from the body and improve the functioning of our immune system.

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L-carnitine: increases our energy and prevents neurodegenerative diseases.

Creatine: makes us feel more energetic during training, as it helps to delay fatigue. It also hydrates the cells, which produces a feeling of less exhaustion. In addition, it is highly recommend for strength athletes, as it increases strength and muscle mass while reducing body fat.

Maltodextrin: helps improve performance and promotes recovery.

sports supplements for runners


Our body needs to replenish nutrients when we finish training. Because when we get off the treadmill, we usually end up with most of the energy we had. Although it is advisable to eat solid foods. The intake of natural nutritional supplements will help us to be 100% as soon as possible. So that the next day we can continue to play sports. In this way, products with nutrients for recovery are design for people who play sports intensively or, at least, very often. Here are the top dietary supplements to help with energy recovery:

Antioxidants: help us to have more energy and to feel more vital. At the last point of this article we will discuss them more thoroughly.





Fatigue and energy expenditure from sport can cause injury. It is advisable to do stretching before and after using the treadmill. But also to feed properly, which often involves taking nutritional supplements.

The areas that most often suffer when running are usually the muscles.


Many times we hear that sports like running can be harmful to our joints. That is to say (and, speaking in a slightly more technical language), when we run we submit to the musculoskeletal system at great pressures whenever we take a stride. In this way, we find a sport that, although on the one hand is very beneficial, on the other can damage our joints

These negative effects can be prevented in a number of ways. But first it is necessary to know how the wear occurs and why. Joint cartilage is responsible for cushioning overloads (impacts) and avoid friction between bones.

Knowing the above we realize that we have several (complementary) ways to avoid this problem:

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Choose a treadmill with a good cushioning system. In the guide to buying treadmills we can find a section that explains how this system has to be.

Good nutrition and hydration: we need to keep our joints strong to withstand the impact to which we submit. Therefore, we must maintain a high level of mucopolysaccharides, water and hyaluronic acid in the articular cartilage by means of food and hydrate constantly: before, during and after the race.

Dietary supplements: it is very difficult to maintain a good level of all of the above.  Only following a healthy and varied food through meals. Therefore, many times nutritional supplements are indispensable to take care of our joint system. In this joint health guide you will find the best remedies to fight against joint damage, including natural and healthy dietary supplementation.

Stretching: Before and after running, it is advisable to stretch your muscles and joints.

Rest: every so often you should give yourself a break of a few days. Also, it is advisable that you sleep 7 hours a day or more.

sports supplements for runners


When doing sports, we breathe faster and require a faster oxygenation process so that the cells of our body have the energy they need. In this way, we consume more oxygen than usual, which leads us to produce a greater amount of free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable substances that are missing an electron. So they have to be removed from the molecules they find around them. Unfortunately, what they have most at hand are the proteins, DNA and cell membranes of our body. Free radicals accelerate aging and can cause damage to cells and DNA. Which in turn can lead to more serious injuries and diseases.

The only way to combat free radicals is by giving them the missing electron. That is precisely what antioxidants do. Therefore, antioxidants help us prevent injuries that would cause free radicals and, in addition, contribute to give us more energy.

Now that we know the benefits of doing sports on treadmills and know how to increase them by making use of nutritional supplements. It is time to get down to work with exercise plan.

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