Whey protein benefits before or after workout

We tell you the pros and cons of a classic weight rooms, whey protein, a supplement based on isolated from whey, a protein of high biological value used in muscle gain.


Whey protein

The whey protein is the English name of the whey protein. It is a terminology that is frequently used in the world of sports, both in training and in competition, especially in those related to bodybuilding.

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This protein complex is obtained from cow’s milk during the process in which the food is processed into cheese, because on one hand the solid ingredients of milk, especially fat and casein are obtained by forming the cheese mass and secondly, the whey, which is a liquid rich in globular proteins (lactalbumin, serum albumin, etc.) is obtained. This serum contains nothing more than just a protein solution in water.

This protein is of good quality or high biological value, which means it contains all the components called essential amino acids, i.e., essential for life, the body is unable to synthesize from other precursor components and necessarily need to take the Exterior. For the same reason, also it calls this protein as complete.


In general, high quality protein, with an excellent ratio of essential amino acids and good assimilation by our body, is albumin or protein with greater presence in the egg, specifically in the egg white. From the quality of this protein a list is made to compare the better or worse quality of the remaining proteins. Well, according to this classification, the whey protein is among the highest in this list tops protein.

The main function of proteins, including globular, main components of whey protein is the formation of tissues for growth and recovery of organs in the body. It’s like proteins were the building blocks of our body is built. This is known as structural or plastic function.

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How and when to take whey protein

Taking supplements of whey protein it is indicated for athletes who train grade medium / high intensity and are not able to recover or increase their muscle mass with oral well adapted and personalized diet. Bodybuilding, athletics, weightlifting … they are the disciplines in which this protein is more appropriate supplementation.

The most suitable for the consumption of whey protein supplements moment seems to be immediately after physical exercise. At this point it is when the muscles of athletes have suffered, and are more susceptible to incorporate new components to its structure. There are authors who believe that the fractional making this protein throughout the day improves its effectiveness by depositing more staggered into the muscle, but agree that one of the shots is made after the exercise to muscle recovery is greater and faster.

However, we must never forget that this is a supplement and is encompassed within a daily diet and spending activity. By this we mean that it is possible that all the nutrients needed for the perfect sport and the best possible performance from power is already obtained. Only when this does not happen is when taking this supplement may be recommended.

To find out whether consumption of whey protein is suitable or not, you should consult with a healthcare professional to assess the requirements and the diet that follows a person regularly, and only take the product if this health, freelancer and without vested interests, assess the utility of use. Calculating how much to take is individual and is associated with many factors that need to be studied.

whey protein benefits before or after workout

The assimilation of whey protein is relatively easy and its use by our very efficient body. This is the main reason why whey proteins in milk may be of interest in processes of protein malnutrition (in places or times of scarcity or absence of protein foods of good quality, or in situations where needs increase) .

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Some of the situations where extra intake of this protein may be beneficial are:

  • Recovery of energy restriction diets or severe protein. These situations can be self-imposed or involuntary.
  • Stages of wear and extra growth.
  • Pathologies with destruction of body tissues and generate a lot of stress to the person: burns, trauma, graft, cancer treatments, and so on.
  • Recovery from surgery and wound healing.

Benefits of whey protein for athletes

In sports, one of the main uses of protein whey is related to the ability to repair damaged muscle fibers during exercise and the integration of this product into the muscle of the athlete person, especially after training or competition. It is preferably used in strength sports, typically anaerobic.

whey protein benefits before or after workoutHowever, proper protein intake that meets the needs of each individual ensures better health and performance, but should always be associated with the correct and safe intake of other nutrients, and an amount of energy in the form of kilo calories, basic. It is a typical example of a reduced calorie diet misconceived. If we reduce excess caloric content of a diet in order to achieve rapid weight loss and little physiological and durable, based on lowering both the amount of fat and carbohydrate meals that protein cannot devote to their role most characteristic, structural, this will have to be used in energy production, which is more urgent, and that we bring much protein, not will go to recover or increase muscle mass, however, it is reduced significantly.

Attributable to whey protein as a possible aid in thinning effect is not as miraculous as some texts promise. Its effect is that it is a product satiating. And this is true, but no more so than other proteins that are more or less free of fats and sugars. One of the characteristics of proteins is their greatest effect control hunger compared to other nutrients. Between this and the myth that taking whey protein, and the more the better, will thins as if by magic, there is much difference.

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Regarding other related benefits whey, not enough hard data as to take it for granted. One thing that helps in protein recovery in some diseases, and quite another to prevent against these processes. It is true that it is investigating in this direction, but we still have to wait published conclusive results.

Contraindications and risks of whey protein

Taking whey protein supplements can be a resource in specific situations and recovery or training to increase muscle tone, as explained in paragraph three. However, consumption of this product is not without some contraindications, which should know and value, and not always really necessary.

Whey phase contains mainly globular proteins; or carbohydrates or fats. For this reason, it may be difficult to find lactose intolerance sensitive to trace amounts, i.e. minimum, whey protein containing. However, it is a point to consider in the case of people with very sensitive or intolerance and whose virulent lactose tolerance is minimal.

Most of the protein allergies cow milk are caused by casein, another milk protein contained in serum but is whey-protein-benefits-before-or-after-workoutvirtually nonexistent. But the possibility, both in the presence of casein whey allergy as globular proteins, is there, so you have to watch closely this risk. Read labeled, discard any product where its composition is not clear, and be conservative vs. non-known brands, are attitudes common sense can save more than a disappointment.

Tolerance and utilization of protein consumption by the body has a limit. Once past this point, the excess protein has occurred must be eliminated. Furthermore, the proteins have a molecular structure quite heavy, more than other components of the feed, and therefore the removal from the body via the urine requires dissolution in liquid element, causing large water losses and work extra renal.

Altered or kidney problems base, taking protein supplements should be very guarded. Let yourself be advised by professionals with experience and rigor, and follow their instructions at all times.


The content on this website is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a doctor for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.

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